Clever marketing courses (10 photos)

As a little marketing ploy could lead to a spike in sales.


How to make consumer goods taking exactly twice? Just! Show him that. In 1960 he released a promotional video, whose characters have used not one but two tablets "Antipohmelin." Following doubled and sales. Similarly offer double soaping head with shampoo and use two balls of chewing gum. Chupa Chups

The main trouble all parents who love to pamper their offspring are caramel sweets. Once the child ate of hotels, his hands become sticky and child, without further ado, wipe it on clothes.

The problem was solved with the advent of retail lollipops (originally had a wooden stick), which can be consumed without dirtying any hands or clothing. The concept coined Enric Bernat, logo design has developed itself Salvador Dali, and the slogan for the first month of sales was "It is round and long lasting." Since Chupa Chups is known and loved all over the world.

Red Bull

Long ago in far away United States and Europe, Red Bull has just entered the market was weak, a little-known brand. Compete with him were veterans: Pepsi, Labatt, Coca-Cola and Molson. Confident the company, recognizable in every advertising banners. Positioning of all products in this category was one: the tone, stimulation, increased disability due to reserves of the body (this property is not advertised).

Promoting goods Dietrich Mateschitz, and he offered to do the following:
artificially raise the price of two times compared to the competition (a controversial move, read on)
reduce the amount of packaging containers lead heading to the form "battery»
to place drinks in shops in unusual places for them (by the way, it should be noted that the "energy" from that time in the stores sold anywhere: in Liquor departments, sausage and even confectionery)
handing out boxes with Red Bull to students on college campuses

The idea caught on, students rejoiced very nice freebie, which, incidentally, is perfectly in harmony with vodka, thanks to this company, and appeared extremely popular cocktail: Vodka Red Bull.


There was a time when IKEA has just come to the United States. And all would do, but sales were worse than ever. It turned out that everything is very simple: the Americans liked the design, but they are not fully suited dimensions that did not match the large size of their homes. All it took - to increase the size of the furniture.


We are all familiar with the teaser advertising, whose purpose - to capture the consumer's attention with something provocative, out of the ordinary. But few know that the very first "teaser" advertising was applied precisely with the introduction of Camel on the US market.

Tobacco company quickly realized that the image of a camel on the pack - not only bright and memorable image, but also a great character for promotions. As it was, a few days before the first consignment of cigarettes on the market experts of the company sent to the newspaper for nearly 90 American cities disturbing minds ads. The first read: "Camels." Following the ad appeared "The camels are coming," and then - "Tomorrow the city will be more camels than in Africa and Asia together!". Terrified, intrigued citizens with enthusiasm and were surprised to learn the truth: "Cigarettes" Camel "is here!" - So sounded the last announcement. The advertising campaign was so successful that almost all the tobacco lovers tried Camel.


The most successful marketing ploy Pepsi can assume that how to sell "soda" in the Great American Depression. While Coca Cola sell its drinks in bottles of 170 ml, Pepsi replicated the container your drink for all 340 ml. Price Pepsi was the same as that of Coca Cola: 5 cents per bottle. Such a strong dumping prices also accompanied by sticky brain song about the fact that "this drink - for you!».

Thus, within two years, beginning in 1936, the company increased its profit and sales doubled, and beat in the American slogan brain is good for 20 years. Even now you can find echoes of the policy: plastic bottles Pepsi have a volume of 0, 66 liters, while the Coca Cola bottling its products in containers of 0, 5 liters.

Absolut Vodka

Vodka «Absolute Rent Bravin» («absolutely pure vodka") was developed in 1879, was different, really, purity by distillation. Lars Lindmark engaged in the promotion, and became the prototype of the future bottles ... a bottle of Swedish medicine, hitting Gunnar Bromanu eyes in the window of one of the pharmacies. He was so shocked by the simplicity of the concept and design of the bottle, which took her into service as a prototype.


They came to Russia in 1992. They are positioned as a snack, which can replace a complete meal. Ex-Soviet buyer for a long time could not grasp how you can replace a complete meal with first and second one just pathetic chocolate and take it purely as a "sweet tea". After the brand moved to another agency, namely, BBDO Moscow, Snickers reposition for adolescents who, by the way, just adore all sweet.


The company in a very long time was genuinely convinced that the main promise to buy her pans with Teflon coating is the fact that the possibility of cooking without oil. Generally without oil. And a slight disappointment it turned out that the hostess and host their cozy hearths acquire these pans only for the fact that they are very easy to clean because the food does not stick to the surface. The company thought and thought and even change the basic content of the advertising campaign, and the result was not long in coming. Sales rose.


As the final chord of greed and lust for profit should also talk about Marlboro, which first introduced the so-called "flip-tops" - cigarette packs with a folding top. The fact that many customers from pricked pull cigarette packs, without removing it from the pocket, thus the brand of cigarettes to be seen. This is unheard of disgrace it decided to remedy this by introducing the pack: now without special skills of a cigarette pack does not take out. Thus Marlboro forced their customers to take out a pack, showing the brand name and packaging, which has a positive impact on sales.


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