A bit of smuggling in Belarus

For transportation of undeclared goods smugglers use not just cars.
In January 2012, the border guards have detained two enterprising teenagers from Ukraine - without documents, they crossed the border, bypassing the checkpoint and has returned back to two bicycles with 45 liters of 92 octane gasoline in cans. Trying to earn extra money during the winter holidays failed - with bicycles but without gasoline, they were transferred to the Ukrainian side.
Two weeks later GIC employees of Belarus were forced to pursue "cowboys."
Two Ukrainians were trying to smuggle contraband to the horse-drawn carriages.
Finding that they noticed fugitives wanted to escape - one tried to accelerate, whipping any innocent animal and the second smuggler unhooked cart and a horse "lost" on the territory of Belarus, but not for long. "Cowboys" detained the goods - 73 boxes of cigarettes - were seized.

Smuggler unhooked the cart and tried to escape on horseback

On the territory of the Lithuanian border many service stations offer their services
in creating vehicles for contraband.
Caches do anywhere - welded special box underneath,
make a double bottom under the luggage compartment, equipped with a niche in the instrument panel ...
Imagination is limitless.

On special tricks are the smugglers of cigarettes.
November 7 last year, guards at registration for leaving Belarus Ford Galaxy
with the help of X-ray installations discovered a cargo of cigarettes ... all the wheels of the car, including in the spare wheel.
And this is not an isolated case detection machines to "cigarette" course.

A special exhibit ingenuity carriers fuel - in the course are any capacity.
But a resident of the Volyn region, to travel from Belarus to Ukraine exceeded all when during the inspection guards began to find plastic containers with "goryuchku" in the spare wheel under the front seats Peugeot - all "natural and commonplace," but hit the inspection is still became filled ... fuel tank washer.

Rating losers

- In August, there was an interesting case, which could break records
views on YouTube, if it was recorded on video.
At night, August 2 Brest border guards found a minibus Mercedes Sprinter.
Learn what makes a foreign car in the border, in a wooded area at this late hour, it was not possible.
The driver noticed the patrol jumped up and tried to escape.
During the pursuit of the van start to fly ... meat.
Thus, the smuggler was trying to get rid of the goods and at the same time hinder prosecution of border guards.
As a result, we estimate - had been thrown 15 carcasses of meat.
Car smuggler also chose to quit, - he told the State Border Committee.
Smugglers scary.
Only this can explain the blatant stupidity of such cases, in October last year.
Two residents Oshmyan the SUV Nissan decided to carry across the border 40 boxes of cigarettes.
Apparently, for the courage driver of foreign cars "took on his chest."
Medical examination revealed blood in his 1, 27 ppm of alcohol.
In addition to the fine, the car and confiscated cigarettes Nissan driver also lost his driver's license.
And in October, a resident of Vilnius because of the risk of rash was in the top list of the most wasteful of tobacco smugglers.
When checking its Lexus 2006 release Smorgon border guards together with employees
Customs in the rear seat and in the spare wheel recess discovered 630 packs of cigarettes in Belarus.
The evaluation value of the seized court decision to end car 60 times higher than the cost of cigarettes,
the man who had planned to take to Lithuania, and reached 111 million rubles.
But the most curious case occurred on November 11th.
The man tried to cross the Belarusian-Ukrainian state border by car, "jumping" over the ditch. However, at the critical moment of his BMW X6 stuck in the drainage canals that separates the two countries.
Front bumper and wheel the machine turned on Ukrainian territory,
and the rest had not left outside Belarus.


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