How to become a blogger


It is very popular to rotate among the Internet activities. How to do this the easy way? Start a blog, make it popular and become a blogger who is known on the network. In General, there are many services on the Internet in which you can start your own blog. To do this can be anyone who knows how to use computers, the Internet, and has access to the network. You just need to choose a platform for your blog ( a lot of them free) and a quality hosting, the best ratio quality /price.

Whether that be a blogger. The fact that to learn the basics and the intricacies of programming is not required. Also do not have to install software and worry about installing any hardware or software.

Who is the blogger.

Before you learn how to become a blogger, you need to understand who he is. In fact, blogger can be:

  • a person involved in blogging. Blogging is as you know keeping your blog in the network;
  • man is the administrator of the site blog;
  • the person who created the blog and responsible for its development (filling of information, editing, commenting, responses, etc.);
  • the person, earning on the blog (first blog created, configured, then filled, moving, comment, and, ultimately, brings income).
In fact, bloggers are divided into two types: those who do blog for fun and fellowship and those who earn through blogging. Because learning how to become a blogger, ask what it is you mean – the path of self-realization or the possibility of earnings.

A blogger can be both a man and a woman.

In this age of the blogger has absolutely no value. In modern times bloggers sometimes referred to the media, because blogs are shown not only themselves but also emphasize the news, Express their thoughts and talk sometimes about something new and interesting.

How to become a blogger.

So, the time has come when we begin to learn how to become a blogger. It is not difficult, it is important to know what is required of you:

  • Be persistent in your goal. If you will try the first couple of months and throw a blog – all goes down the drain. You must keep your blog constantly, so it won't be abandoned even during your vacation. Not gonna get a lot of visitors in the first months of opening a blog. You need to optimise your texts, images, analyze the website.
  • Find support from other bloggers. If the choice is between competition and friendship with the other blogger that you choose? You should choose friendship. Even if you have little time, find a few moments to leave a nice review to our rivals and then we can hope for his support. Support is important and from readers. Sometimes it is to share something personal, but it became clear to those for whom you write, do not hesitate to show emotions.

  • Don't be afraid to receive criticism, but sensibly evaluate it. It should take into account only those negative comments that are justified. In any case, if you write to readers sincerely and without deceit, they will understand this and will love you.
  • Be yourself. It can be your photos, texts, poems — anything. It is not necessary to copy other people's posts, blogs, and names. Love yourself and then remember it is you, do not hesitate to take the initiative.
  • Communication. Want to know how to become a blogger for real? Learn how to communicate with readers. Read their comments, respond to them. But it is important to take into account any comments not require a response, and what was written to annoy and provoke you into conflict.
  • Do not peel the onion especially. What blogs do you like most? Short and understandable. You should not write memoirs, write on the case.
  • Be interesting. For this you need to be aware of all cases. Because have to attend a meeting, find out news and to report regularly on new to his readers. Development of the inner world also favorably affect your work, and blogging will help you become more successful and knowledgeable.
  • Regularly leave records. Very few people will be interested to read a blog with a frequency of 2-3 times per month. Regularly sign blog something new and interesting as often as possible.
  • Compete. No matter what, be aware of the competitors. At least with them should be friends, they can not forget. Browse the blogs of competitors, analyze their work and improve your blog.
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