Simple exercises for healthy knees and feet

This exercise helps with pain in the knee or both knees. To perform it, as with all exercises, Feldenkrais, very slowly, with attention, with a minimum amplitude to a comfortable state (not to lead to overload). Exercise can be done anywhere where there is a chair.

1. Sit comfortably on the front edge of the chair. Feet, better without shoes, put on the floor, legs slightly spread," hands on hips.

2. Lift the front of the right foot and place it back on the floor, do it several times. So you load the heel.

3. Lift the right heel and drop. Is the load on the forefoot.

4. Perform these movements at the same time. First, raise the front part of the foot, put it in place, then lift the heel. Repeat this exercise several times.
What do you notice?
Is moving the knee, the whole leg?
Does it affect breathing?
What happens to the pelvis and lumbar part of the spine?

5. Lift the inner edge of the right foot, that is put it on the outer part, then put it back.

6. Lift the outer edge of the foot and place it back. Whether right knee is calm or moving? Check both of those possibilities.

7. Alternate lifting the outer part of the foot instep of the inner part. Follow this exercise with the outer and inner edge of right foot several times.

8. Soak a short pause. Be aware of how you feel now is the right foot.
Is this feeling the feeling of the left foot?

9. Load alternately the front part of the foot, then outside edge, heel, inner edge and finally the front part again, and repeat several times. Please note, as participates in the movement of the body.

10. Repeat the previous exercise, but perform some items in the reverse order. Please note, how good is your contact with the floor and how much different there is the whole leg.

11. Perform all the same movements on the left foot.

12. Compare the feeling in both feet. A little stand up and walk around, experiencing new sensations in the leg. Are these sensations on other parts of the body?

13. Now sit down on the chair. Leaving heel in place, slightly turn the front part of the right foot to the right (outward) and return it back to the starting position.

14. Do the same thing, but now turn the front part to the left (inside).

15. Connect the two movements. Turn the front portion of right foot to right, return to the original (middle) position, turn left again and return to the middle position.
Equally if you feel clear on the floor of the front part
of the foot?
The heel is the fulcrum fixed?
Movement which way works better?

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16. Do similar movements with a support on the forefoot. Select the pivot point is near the base of the big toe joint and do the "wiping" movement of the heel first, inside, then outside, and then the combined motion.
How clearly there Paul?
How big the amplitude of the motion?

17. After a short pause repeat all these movements on the left leg.
Then stand up, pay attention to sensations in the standing position and the walking.published


Author: Nicholas Twigs




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