20 most beautiful actors of the Soviet cinema

The charismatic appearance and charm of a lot of meaning in the life of the artist. Especially if these qualities are easily and without much effort.

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Andrei Mironov h2> Mironov was one of the most popular actors of his time. His track record includes more than 60 paintings, but a way of Ostap Bender in "12 chairs" has become one of the classic.

Oleg Basilashvili h2> The descendant of Georgian tsars Oleg Basilashvili became famous for filming Eldar Ryazanov, who once promised to shoot the actor in all his movies. One of the last memorable film credits was the role of Woland in the film adaptation of the novel "The Master and Margarita" by Vladimir Bortko.

Nikolai Rybnikov h2> Fame came to the actor after a favorite of viewers of the painting "Spring on Zarechnaya street." Best of all Rybnikovu checkered role of ordinary guys - they brought him wildly popular among millions of Soviet women and men respect.

Yevgeny Zharikov h2> Yevgeny Zharikov - handsome Vadik from the cult Soviet film "Three plus two". This role in the early 60s made the young actor insanely popular, especially among women.

Alexander Abdulov h2> Few people know that Abdul did not dreamed of becoming an artist since childhood. He had the title of Candidate Master of Sports of the USSR in fencing, and even spent a year at the Faculty of Physical Education.

Vyacheslav Tikhonov h2> widely known Vyacheslav Tikhonov received a role in the film "War and Peace", "Seventeen Moments of Spring," "live to see Monday." According to his daughter Anne, in answer to another: "Oh, Stirlitz!" - Tikhonov said: "Yes, sometimes they call me." And often, 'No, you got me with someone confused ».

Mikhail Boyarsky h2> Mikhail Boyarsky, even early in his career was able to do any small role bright and memorable. Widely known for the role he received D'Artagnan in the movie "The Three Musketeers" and for his role in the movie "Dog in the manger».

Mikhail Kazakov h2> Mikhail Kazakov combined with directing the activities of the actor. One of the highlights of his work as a director - the movie "Pokrovsky Gates" and "Nameless Star", and the game in the movie "The Amphibian Man" was one of his best film roles.

Boris Khmelnitsky h2> Boris Khmelnitsky was famous for his roles in the Taganka Theater, where his kindness and compassion called Bambi. Also known is the fact that the actor was very friendly with Vladimir Vysotsky.

Vladimir Koren h2> From a young age the actor was engaged in drama club after school he entered GITIS. Vladimir Koren became famous when he was only 21, after Ichthyander role in the film "The Amphibian Man».

Oleg Yankovsky h2> In the movie, Oleg Yankovsky was almost by accident. He went to the hotel restaurant for lunch. The same restaurant was the director of the film "Shield and Sword" Vladimir Basov, who noticed the young man. The role brought his picture-Union young actor.

Pyotr Glebov h2> Pyotr Glebov became the epitome of masculinity, performing the role of Don Cossacks in the film adaptation of the novel "And Quiet Flows the Don". The most amazing thing is that the selection of actors Glebov came almost by accident - it has led to one.

Oleg Dal h2> Heroes Oleg Dal recognizable and unique, they share intelligence and wit. The actor was very demanding of himself and selective in choosing roles, he never accepted a job that he was not liked.

Basil Lanovoi h2> Coming from a peasant family, Vasily Lanovoi managed to become one of the most prominent Soviet actors. The most memorable of his role - in the film "Scarlet Sails", "officers", "Seventeen Moments of Spring," "Days of turbines».

Oleg Vidov h2> The real success was the role of actor Gerald Morris in "The Headless Horseman." The film entered the top five highest-grossing in the history of national cinema. The species was also one of the few Soviet actors who successfully filmed abroad. In 1985, the actor went to live in the United States.

Alexander Shirvindt h2> Shirvindt born in an intellectual family, childhood practiced music, dancing. But he soon realized that his calling - the theater. At the moment, Alexander Shirvindt S THE artistic director of the Moscow Academic Theatre of Satire.

Igor Dmitriev h2> The famous novel by Leo Tolstoy's "War and Peace" begins a scene in the salon of Anna Pavlovna Scherer. So the very Pavlova - great-grandmother of People's Artist of Russia Igor Dmitriev. Fatal for the young actor was the role in the film adaptation of the novel Listnitsky "Quiet Flows the Don».

Igor Kostolevsky h2> The starting point of the film career of actor Kostolevsky assumed his role in the drama Vladimir Motyl "The Captivating Star of Happiness." In theater and film for the actor with the noble appearance, silky voice and good manners stuck roles of hero-lover, melodramatic character.

Vasily Livanov h2> Soviet and Russian actor, screenwriter, writer, film director, animator. Vasily Livanov was born in a family of actors. They embodied the screen image of Sherlock Holmes, the British themselves recognized as the best ever existed.

Nikita Mikhalkov h2> The first film role played by Nikita Mikhalkov at the age of 14 years, and 18 have already become known for starring in the film "I Step Through Moscow". Mikhalkov has played many roles. Director - winner of the "Oscar" for the film "Burnt by the Sun" (1994).

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