10 stunning masterpieces of design books

Talk about the book is not judged by its cover? Perhaps, but the books on the list - an exception! The site wants to show you a dozen books, remarkable not only because they printed but by how they look.

«Fahrenheit 451" by Ray Bradbury h2> The spine of this book is designed as a side portion of a matchbox, matches are attached, and 451 ° F - the temperature at which paper ignites. Read - burned. After all, the book itself - about banned books are burned because of censorship in different countries.

Crypt book h2> Pierre Mendell - Swiss graphic designer before his death, published a book in which were listed the important moments of his biography, and at the end of the book the author has set the date of his death.

A hundred thousand billion poems in a book h2> The book of Raymond Kwinana only 10 sonnets, but each is cut into strips in one line long. Readers can combine these strips in any order. This rhythmic pattern of lines of poetry will not change, but the meaning gets sometimes very unexpected shades. In order to combine all the possible combinations and read them aloud you need to spend about 200 thousand years.

cookbook you want to bake h2> The text in this unusual cookbook will appear only after placing it in a hot oven for a few minutes. The letters on the pages appear only after heating.

Books-head h2> Books-volume biography made. That is, each book takes the form of the head of a famous person, whose fate it is dedicated. Such unusual biography was awarded to only four. This Jewish girl Anne Frank, famous for her diary, telling about the horrors of fascism, an Iranian-Dutch writer, poet and publicist Abdol Qader, a famous Dutch football player and coach Louis van Gaal, and the greatest impressionist painter Vincent van Gogh.

3-D book h2> Japanese artist Yusuke Oono decided, probably several revive the process of reading and produced a fairy tale of Snow White in a three-dimensional design.

The biggest book in the world h2> «The Codex Gigas» original title of this book, but it is still known as the "Bible of the Devil." Who and why it was written is still unknown. Legend has it that it was written by a monk, who was locked up for the violation of religious principles, and he vowed to only one night to write the largest manuscript in the world. When he realized that he could not fulfill his vow that he prayed to the devil, and he heard his prayer.

The smallest book in the world h2> Tiny "Almanac of flowers and plants" in size 0, 75 mm. It is given the name of the book "Flowers of the four seasons" - it is a guide to all the flowers and plants in Japan. It was created for eight months.

Book-clock h2> It consists of three books, which act as external clock. Figures 3 and 9 to help navigate in time.

The Book spotted coffee h2> This unusual book by Martha Heden talks about the benefits of coffee for health.

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