10 Quality of happy people

And you - happy?

be happy - not such a simple task, but rather the daily work that's worth it. People who have nothing to complain about, will never assert themselves at the expense of others, obsessive demand attention and ignore their own chuvstva.Oni remember that life korotkaSchastlivye people understand that they set aside a fairly short period of time out to live a full and wonderful life. And that does not frighten them, but on the contrary, makes every day to get up from the bed, to spend one more day, which will not have to regret later. In addition, people feel happy, quietly accept the fact that the unpredictable can happen tomorrow, and good and bad, so try not to waste your time on melocham.

They do not require the attention of other people do not need lyudeySchastlivym devotees views of the "Fanzone" in order to feel good about themselves. They realize their self-worth and respect the wishes of others, without forcing anyone to tinker with them as princes, constantly assuring them that they are amazing and incredible. Any attention happy people take with restraint, realizing its fragility and special importance: those who love life, do not need the adoration of other people.He wisely spend Dengin despite the fact that money is usually contrasted Fortunately, arguing that they are not have to do with him, happy man is still moderately thrifty (but not stingy!) He understands the price earned money know that it is necessary to have a couple zanachek not to accidentally find themselves in a difficult situation, breaking, such as the ankle, and pulls money on unnecessary things. This is the financial freedom: to understand that happiness money can not buy, and do not try this sdelat.

They listen to their own chuvstvamSchastlivymi lyudyami not born, but becomes Mob Liyang many factors. Happiness, like love, friendship and self-realization - one of those things over which people work every day. Starting this work with a dialogue with itself: a happy man listening to their feelings and emotions and goes with them on contact. He's not jamming them and buries in the depths of the subconscious, knowing that some reasonable solution to a happy life can not be reached, and is looking for a balance between the mind and the senses, giving a speech to both manage their storonam.Oni samiSchastlivogo human life is almost impossible to hurt, because he It does not allow opponents or detractors so easily control his mood. He does not complain about the external circumstances do not allow them to ruin his own internal organization. And he listens to family, friends and bosses, but makes important decisions on their own: it is to live in a marriage with a partner whom he chooses, and that he make money in the field, which is like him, not his grandmother, who dreamed of grandchildren surveyor and friends for which the choice of a happy man is not always clear. It's his choice, because it is his zhizn.

They take responsibility for their deystviyaTe who are happy and satisfied with what is happening to them, are responsible for themselves. They are just like other people are wrong, do not find the strength to making important decisions, lazy, miss the opportunity to throw a temper and not the words that help to solve the conflict. Unlike everyone else, people who are satisfied in their lives and themselves ready to take responsibility for their mistakes themselves. He apologizes, repairing broken or if you need to start from scratch to admit their oshibki.Oni not communicate with neudachnikamiNeudachniki - it is not those who have suddenly ceased to develop a career or personal relationships, loser - a way of thinking. People who always complain of others for a pull on the bottom of the emotional life. Happy people are willing to support friends in trouble, help out and give advice, but among their friends is not such that passively frozen in perpetual gloom. The vital energy of people who value themselves and everything that happens to them without spending endless role vests, moreover, they attract the same strong and happy people to her, neatly bypassing those who can not cope with the hurricane neuryadits.

They love to be with people and like to be surrounded by like-minded people in odinochestveByt and friends - it's nice and necessary. The company, which can not only have fun on Friday, but also to discuss really serious things, helps not to despair in difficult moments, but this is not to build a happy life. Satisfied people are willing to spend time in solitude, finding in it its charm. Loneliness - this type of holiday, and the ability to look at things in new ways. A man who bored with itself, is hardly satisfied with everything that is happening in the world around him, and in his own dushe.Oni like sebyaSchastlivy person will never hate myself. He is well aware that there is no perfect body and perfect mind, and is aware that it is not able to avoid all errors. Strong and happy people do not delve into the past, looking at the ceiling of the night, and did not try to discover the reasons for re-experience the burning shame for the events of five years ago, who went on a bad scenario. They simply have no time to spend on it sily.

They know how to have a positive impact on drugihChelovek that he is happy, and make others feel uplifted. He does not want to assert themselves at the expense of others, making them feel unimportant and worthless. He throws no irritation on the little things and he does not care how to dress classmate. All he wants to give the world - these are things that can brighten reality and not overshadow it.

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