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Who among us is not familiar with the touching story of Rudyard Kipling's "frog" Mowgli - a boy who grew up in the jungle? Even if you have not read the "Jungle Book", you probably watched cartoons on its grounds. Alas, the real stories of children raised by animals, not so romantic and fabulous as the works of the English writer, and do not always end with happy endings. To your attention - modern human cubs, who among friends was neither wise Kaa nor good-natured Baloo nor brave Akela, but their adventure will not leave you indifferent, because the prose of life is much more interesting and much worse creativity even brilliant writers.

1 . The boy from Uganda, an adopted monkeys h2>

In 1988, 4-year-old John Ssebunya fled into the jungle after witnessed terrible scenes - during a regular quarrel between his parents father killed the mother of the baby. As time went on, but John did not come out of the forest and the villagers have started to believe that the boy pogib.V 1991 one of there the peasants, having gone into the jungle to collect firewood, suddenly saw a pack of vervet monkeys, dwarf green monkeys, strange creature, which I am not easily learned little boy. According to her, the behavior of the boys differed little from monkeys - he deftly moved on all fours, and easily communicate with your "now." The woman told the villagers about what they saw, and they tried to catch the boy. As often happens with animals reared children, John strongly opposed, without giving to pull myself together, but farmers still managed to fight off his monkeys. When the pupil vervet monkeys washed and put in order, one of the villagers recognized him as a fugitive, missing in 1988. Later, having learned to speak, John said that the Monkey taught him everything necessary for life in the jungle - climbing trees, foraging, moreover, he has mastered their "language". Fortunately, after the return to the people, John easily adapt to life in their society, he showed good vocal and now matured Ugandan Mowgli tour with the children's choir, "The Pearl of Africa».

2. Chita girl that grew among dogs h2>

Five years ago, the story appeared on the front pages of Russian and foreign newspapers - Chita found 5-year-old girl Natasha, who moved like a dog, varnish water from the bowl and instead articulate speech was making only barking, which is not surprising, because, as it turned out, girl spent almost all his life in a locked room in the company of cats and dogs. The parents of the child did not live together and outlines the different versions of what happened - the mother (and I want to conclude this word in quotation marks), 25-year-old Yana Mikhailova claimed that the girl stole her father for a long time, then it does not take her upbringing. The father, 27-year-old Victor Lozhkyn, in turn, said that his mother did not pay enough attention to Natasha and before he took the little girl to her mother in law upon request. Later we found that the family was anything but safe in the apartment, where besides the girl lived her father, grandparents, there was a terrible lack of sanitation, no water, heat and gaza.Kogda found her little girl behaved like a real dog - I rushed to the people and barking. Taking Natasha parents, employees of the guardianship authorities placed her in a rehabilitation center, the girl was able to adapt to life in human society, her "loving" father and mother were arrested.

3. Volgograd prisoner birdcage h2>

The history of Volgograd boys in 2008, the year shocked the Russian public. His own mother kept him locked up in a 2-room apartment, inhabited by a variety of birds. For unknown reasons, no mother took care of the child, giving him food, but it is not communicating with him. As a result, a boy of seven years all the time spent with the birds when he was found, law enforcement officials, in response to their questions, he only "twittered" and waved his "wings." The room where he lived, was filled with bird cages and just full of dung. As reported by eyewitnesses, the boy's mother apparently suffering from a mental disorder - she feathered lure of street, I took the bird home and spend days on end lying on the bed, listening to their tweets. In her son she did not pay attention, apparently considering it one of the pets. When the "bird-boy" became known to the appropriate authorities, he was sent into the center of psychological rehabilitation, and 31-year-old mother was deprived of parental rights.

4. The little Argentinian is saved stray cats h2>

In 2008, the police discovered the Argentine province of Misiones homeless baby one year old, who was in the company of wild cats. Apparently, the boy was in the society of the cat at least a few days - the animals as they could, took care of him, licked his skin with stubborn dirt, wore him food and warmed frosty winter nights. A little later, she managed to reach the boy's father, who led roguish lifestyle - he has told police that a few days ago lost his son, when engaged in the collection of waste paper. Daddy told officers that feral cats have always defended his son.

5. "Kaluga Mowgli» h2>

The year 2007, the Kaluga Region, Russia. Residents of a village in the nearby forest noticed a boy who looked to be about 10 years. The child was in a pack of wolves, who apparently considered him "his" - with them he procured food, running on bent legs. Later, police officers raided on the "Kaluga Mowgli" and found him in the wolf den, and then sent to a Moscow clinic. The surprise of doctors was not the limit - after examining the boy, they concluded that even though it looked like a 10-year-old, in fact, it had to be about 20 years. From life in the wolf pack toenails Man became almost claws, teeth resembled fangs, his behavior is replicated throughout the habits volkov.Molodoy man could not speak, could not understand in Russian and did not respond to this when he addressed the capture Lesch, reacting, Only when it was called "kitty, kitty, kitty." Unfortunately, the experts failed to return the boy to a normal life - just one day after he was placed in the clinic, "Lesch" escaped. His fate is unknown.

6. The pupil Rostov goats h2>

In 2012, the employees of the guardianship of the Rostov region, came to check into one of the families, they saw a terrible picture - 40-year-old Marina T. was holding his 2-year-old son Sasha in a pen for goats, almost without worrying about it, thus, when the child found the mother was not at home. Boy all the time spent with the animals, played and slept together with them as a result of two years, he could not learn to speak and eat normally. Needless to say, the sanitary conditions in the room two to three meters, which he shared with horned "friends" are not simply left much to be desired - they were horrific. Sasha was exhausted from malnutrition, when doctors examined, it was found that it weighed about a third less than healthy children of his vozrasta.Malchika sent to rehabilitation and then to an orphanage. The first time he tried to return to human society, Sasha was very afraid of adults and refused to sleep in the bed, trying to get under it. On Marina T. was a criminal case under article "Improper performance of parental duties," the court sent a claim for the deprivation of her parental rights.

7. Foster son of patrol dog Siberian h2>

In one of the provincial districts of the Altai Territory in 2004, it was discovered 7-year-old boy, who has grown up dog. Venter threw little Andrew, three months after his birth, entrusting the care of his son ottsu- ... Shortly thereafter, the parent also left the house where they lived, apparently, not even thinking of the child. Father and mother for the boy became watchdog that fed Andrew and brought in his own. When he found the social workers, the boy could not speak, he moved only a dog and wary of people. He bites and carefully sniffed the food he predlagali.Dolgoe time the child could not be weaned from the habits of the dog - in the orphanage he continued to behave aggressively, rushing to their peers. Gradually, however, experts have managed to instill in him the skills gestures, Andrew learned to walk like human beings, and to use cutlery when eating. The pupil watchdog also used to sleep in a bed and playing with the ball attacks of aggression had occurred less and gradually disappeared.



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