Flooding in one of the Brazilian cities - Sao Paulo

For the past few days, both on the southern Brazil have fallen torrential rains, which resulted in severe flooding. Most suffered one of the biggest Brazilian cities - São Paulo.

Photographs in this collection were made on Tuesday, December 8 a flooded market of Sao Paulo, which sells fruit.

In the south of Brazil floods caused by heavy rainfall. Only in the last few days last week fell more than a third of the monthly norm of precipitation. In the picture - workers collect watermelons on a flooded city market December 8, 2009 in Sao Paulo. (Reuters Pictures)

As a result of heavy rains and landslides in southern Brazil over the banks of the river flooded the set of premises, depriving thousands of asylum. (Reuters Pictures)

According to local authorities, the greatest impact of elements came in São Paulo - one of Brazil's largest cities, where the rain did not stop for several days. In the picture - watermelon on a flooded wholesale fruit market in Sao Paulo on December 8th. (Reuters Pictures)


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