Travel Tips by Paulo Coelho

Brazilian writer and poet Paulo Coelho, gives practical advice to travelers.
If you are such, you are welcome to get acquainted.

1. Avoid museums.
Council may seem absurd, but let's think about it: when you're in a foreign city, is not interesting to know him now than his past?
People feel obliged to go to museums, because they instilled from childhood, this method of contact with the culture. Of course, it is important to go to museums, but you should know what you want to see, otherwise you will leave them with the feeling that you have seen a couple of very important things for his life, but he did not know what.

2. Walk to bars.
That's where you can see the life of the city. I do not mean discotheques, but the places where there are local, drink, talk about God and the universe and are always open for discussion. Just buy yourself a newspaper, sit with her and watch the coming and going. If someone begins to talk, to enter it, even if the topic does not seem interesting. You do not uvidisch beauty of the road, if you will look at her through the open door.

3. Be open.
The best guides are local. They know everything, proud of their city, but do not work for the agency. Just go out on the street, choose the person, ask him questions such as: how to get? If this is not the first udatsya, you get a second, and then I can assure you nayd—Ďsch wonderful accompaniment for the whole day.

4. Travel one or if you're married or married with a partner.
The only way to really leave their country. If you travel a group, you just simuliruesh traveling to another country, while continuing to speak their language, followingManufacture instructions guide and think more about the chatter in the group than of the place in which you came.

5. Do not compare.
Nothing compared: neither prices nor cleanliness, nor quality of life, no transport. Nothing! You are not traveling in order to prove that you live better. Meet the lives of others and find what you can learn from them.

6. Realize that you understand everything.
If you do not speak the language of this country, do not be afraid: I have been in many countries where he could not communicate with words, but I still always find help, received important advice and even make friends. Some are afraid to just get lost while traveling, if they are alone. Just keep in your pocket a small hotel and in extreme cases take a taxi and a business card tucked under his nose to the driver.

7. Do not do too much shopping.
Spend money on things that you do not have to carry: tickets to the theater, going to restaurants, excursions. Nowadays the global market and the Internet, you can buy everything and pay at the same time the advantage.

8. Do not try to travel the world for one month.
It is better to stay four or five days in one city than to visit five cities in a week.
The city can be compared to a capricious woman, who needs time to prove yourself on all sides and let yourself seduce.

9. Journey - an adventure.
Henry Miller said, better to discover a strange church, which no one had heard of than to go to Rome and feel obliged to visit the Sistine Chapel. Go and there, but wander through the lanes, feel free and find that what you yourself do not yet know and that maybe change your life.



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