10 excellent books on self-development

1. Stephen Covey - "The main focus - the main things»
This is a book about why there is a gap between what we spend time, and that's really important for us, and why the pursuit of productivity does not bring satisfaction. The book rejects the traditional approach to the organization of time: work as much as possible, faster and more inventive. Instead of regular hours it offers a compass, because that's where you make your way, far more important than how fast you go.

2. Osho - "Geometry awareness»
On the pages of this book, Osho comments "Golden Verses" Pythagoras and helps us to see that person in a whole new light. Thanks to the wisdom and insight wizard we can hear not only the words of the great mathematician, but the words of the great mystic, a great philosopher. And these words, if they really hear, can help us to change, can reveal to us the truth. Verses of Pythagoras, who Osho quotes in this book - all that remains of the works of a remarkable man. Pythagoras was ready to share their knowledge with each, but some of them were destroyed, and some - is forgotten, forgotten due to the fact that the world has seen in only a mathematician Pythagoras never saw the poet ...

3. Erich Fromm - "Man for himself»
Proceedings of Erich Fromm is always relevant, because the main theme of his research was to reveal the realization of the human essence as productive, zhiznetvorcheskogo beginning. "The purpose of man - to be yourself, and the condition to achieve this goal - to be a man for himself».

4. Paulo Coelho - "The Alchemist»
It is the most famous novel by Brazilian writer Paulo Coelho, favorite book of millions of people around the world. In his youth, people are not afraid to dream, it all seems possible. But time passes and a mysterious force he takes to inspire that their desires are not feasible. "To achieve realization of his destiny - that's the only real duty of man ..." - says Paulo Coelho.

5. Robert Cialdini - "Psychology of influence»
What can cause a person to say "yes"? What are the principles and the most effective methods of influence and persuasion? Satisfactory answers to these questions can be found in the new, revised and enlarged, edition of the book that captivates the reader not only stunning informative but easy style and spectacular presentation of the material.

6. Tony Buzan - "supermemory»
Memorization, preservation, reproduction - that's three processes, which expressed the memory. The author offers a wide range of readers help in the development of the capacity of the human brain. After studying tips, instructions and explanations Tony Buzan you as soon as possible achieve the desired results, and powerful mechanism of memory, which may at first seemed unfathomable mystery of nature, reliably serve you for a lifetime.

7. John Kehoe - "The subconscious mind can all»
The author of this book in the privacy of woods Canadian province of British Columbia for three years intently thinking on issues related to the activities of the human brain. Ways to enhance its limitless resources, developed by John Kehoe and combine in a specific program can change your life for the better, fill it with success and happiness.

8. Eric Berne - "People who play games»
The world-renowned psychologist Eric Berne - creator of transactional analysis, and based on its well-known system of psychological aid that helps people to solve their own problems in relationships with others. This book successfully withstood many editions and vypushennyh many millions of copies in many languages, is dedicated to teach the reader professionally analyze the nuances of the dialogue, and help get rid of many behavioral and systems, interfering in everyday life. Initially, this work was conceived as an advanced textbook of psychoanalysis, but in the end the author has managed to present it easy and affordable to every language with bright and witty images.

9. Rhonda Byrne - "Mystery»
Since the "Da Vinci Code" and "The Alchemist" reading the world did not know such a sensation. "Secret" is firmly established on the top lines of book ratings on both sides of the ocean. At the moment, has already sold over three million copies, and it is only the beginning. Book by Rhonda Byrne - your chance to change the fate. Do not miss it also.

10 Vadim Zeland - "Reality Transurfing»
Transerfing - the art of managing a reality, using their freedom of choice. The world always reflects our view of it. A person can choose any of the options for the development of this and, therefore, be desirable in the circumstances. To learn how to do this, you must learn to find common ground between the soul and mind, and to form the intention to avoid the influence of destructive pendulums.


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