10 books for the cold evenings. How to lift your mood and add optimism!

Everyone knows that a truly good book is able to give the reader a lot of fresh impressions and new experience. It will help to escape from everyday worries, take a look at your situation from the side, and there, you never know, and find fresh out of the old problems. But you're guaranteed to receive from each of the books in our list - so it's a good mood and positive charge is serious!

1. Jerome K. Jerome "Three Men in a Boat»

Quiet and laid-back humor of British gentlemen literally permeates every page of this book. Travel trio of friends on the Thames in the search for a cure for melancholy with each generation finds itself more and more new readers.

2. Jaroslav Hasek, "The Good Soldier Svejk»

One of the best anti-war books of all time, Hasek novel devoid of hysterical strain, so characteristic for many of them. The history of the small but crafty and resourceful man, hilarious manages to extricate himself from the terrible situations of war and at the same time funny and wise. The relevance of this book is still the highest, despite nearly a hundred years since the day it was written.

3. J. Lawrence. Peter, "The Peter Principle»

For a man who works in the office, this book should be included in the list of required reading literature. This is where you will find the answer to the question why everything is so incompetent doing their job, and learn to live with it. And not just to live, but with a healthy optimism!

4. Terry Pratchett, "Cat unvarnished»

In Pratchett, one of the best and most popular British writers of our time, there are many books about cats. "Cats - that's good," - he declared in one of his works on behalf of his death. And what is so good in cats, and where this is the good they find, you know it in this book.

5. Gerald Durrell, "My Family and Other Animals»

British writer and naturalist, Durrell fought all his life for the survival of endangered species. Royalties from his books, he shot for the maintenance of the zoo and rescue animals. As a result, he became perhaps the most famous writer of the genre "of the animals." More precisely characterize it difficult to book - Darrell took pride of place in this unique niche. For what his book so loved and kids and adults? Yes, because he wrote a very funny, very accurate and very beautiful! Make sure it himself.

6. Michael Weller, "Legends of Nevsky Prospect»

The author of the most widely read books in Russia at the turn of the third millennium, Weller was able to look at the gloomy Soviet urban legends and the ugly reality on the other hand, turning them into their own way hilariously funny and touching story. And his stories are worthy of all praise!

7. Alan Milne, Boris Zakhoder, "Winnie the Pooh and all-all-all»

Translation-Zakhoder retelling of a classic on the adventures of a funny bear and his friends grew more than one generation of Soviet and then Russian children, Winnie still remain funny, touching and sweet. Fairy tale for the ages, a very rare case when retelling stood on a par with the original, and one of those books that are well-read as a child, and one.

8. Arkady and Boris Strugatsky "Monday begins on Saturday»

Perhaps the funniest book luminaries of Russian fiction has experienced repeated rebirth of the cultural space in which was born, but still incredibly popular. Quotations from it since the Soviet era, "went to the people" - is not proof of the incredible and absolutely deserved popularity?

9. Sergei Dovlatov, "Compromise»

"Production Novel" in the life of Soviet journalism, written by the person directly participated in it. The unique style of writing, lively style and black humor Dovlatova find their way into the soul of anyone faced with a system of bygone country directly. And who did not catch - it will be interesting to find out.

10. O. Henry, "Stories»

Unfading classics of good humor, vitality and emotional stories of O. Henry will touch everyone, help to relax and unwind. They can be called really cozy - a kind of literary analogue of warm, soft, deep seat and hot tea. Most of the winter evening!

This excellent scores you long enough! When they finally run out - both ends with time everything good - that their authors you'll find many, many other great works.

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