The three most useful books on self-development

1. Tina Seelig, "Make yourself"

This book will be useful for those who want to build your business, maintain it and develop it: "Make yourself" not only contains practical advice, but also help to learn to think in the right direction — as I think true entrepreneurs. No ideas? The book will help to find her. Discouraged? The book will tell you where to get the enthusiasm and energy necessary to start a career businessman, and how to use their imagination to the maximum.

2. Kelly Mcgonigal, "willpower"

Kelly Mcgonigal in his book will help to educate and strengthen will power, her technique is suitable for every person. Readers are invited to the ten-week course, during which he, fulfilling practical tasks and following the book recommendations, can better understand their capabilities — in other words, to realize that they can do everything what he wants: to get rid of bad habits, to create your own business, play sports or find a job that will become a favorite. Strictly follow all recommendations optional: You can find and apply into your life the method that is right for You.

3. Les Hewitt, Jack Canfield, mark Victor Hansen "Whole life"

Often the main difficulty in achieving their goals is the inability to prioritize — to determine for themselves the purpose and plan steps to its implementation. In addition, the book will help you understand which goals are really important and can help you in the future and which should be abandoned, because anything useful they themselves do not carry.

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