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Super-parents Gil and Kelly Bates love children so much that they can not stop their start. Couple of Tennessee, USA, celebrated the birth of their 18th child a month ago and has already started to pray for one another. Bates preparing to one day become the biggest family in the world, but still behind the family Duggarov of Arkansas, who currently nineteen children. "We will have more children, God permitting," proudly meets 45-year-old father, Gil, who runs a wood carver.

Truly blessed: Bates family (left to right) Ellie Addalli, Isaiah, Warden, Jackson, Kathy, Josie, Carlin, Tracy, Tori, Alyssa, Nathan Lawson, Erin Michaela Kelly, holding in her arms Judson Vayetta and Gil holding at the hands of Kelly-Anne.

"Children are a blessing and God blessed us many, many times." Betrayed mom Kelly, whose forty-three years, says: "We just love children and every baby brings more joy to our family. The most exciting time - when the baby is born the new. "We all ask ourselves: a boy or a girl?" The couple married 23 years ago, and Kelly was pregnant almost every year. Their enormous range of ages of children includes: Zach - 21god, Michaella - 20, Erin - 18 Lawson - 17 Nathan - 16 Alice - 15, Tori - 14 Trace - 13 Carlin - 12, Josie - 11, -10 Katie , Jackson - 8, Ward - 7, Isaiah - 5 Addalli - 4, Ellie - 3, Kelly-Anne - 1, and Judson Vayett one month.

Feeding a huge horde: the family fills half of the restaurant when they go out for a walk in Lake City, Tennessee - and your own dining table is great that the father Gil says that he can not hear what's going on at the other end of the table.

Dad Gil busy expanding their home, which already has five bedrooms, eight bathrooms, two kitchens, a huge dining room with a 14-foot table, private kindergarten and class room. Bates sewed a lot of clothes for themselves and refuse to have TV at home, spending their free time playing musical instruments, singing and playing outdoor games. On weekends, they are going in and out to the street to sing together people from nursing homes, spreading the good news.

Extension of the house: Gil, woodcarver, currently expanding their five bedroom and vosmivannuyu property in Lake City, to make more space for living.

Gil is a joint deal by carving with one of his older sons, while his wife Gila - Kelly teaches all the younger children at home. Family potreblinet large amount of food each week. Only breakfast is eaten cleaned: 48 eggs, four packs of bacon, 40 wheat cakes and two large loaves of bread.

The newest addition: Gil and Kelly met in college in 1986, married in 1987 and she soon became pregnant. In this photo, they keep year-old Kelly-Anne and monthly Judson Vayetta.

"The dining table is great, I really can not hear people on the other end of the table," - says Gil. The house has four large washing machines and two industrial dryers to cope with the family laundry, which should be done every day. "Children are very responsible and care about each other," - says Kelly. "I almost do not cook these days».

Gil and Kelly met in college in Southern California in 1986. They were married in 1987 and soon became pregnant Kelly. "When I was younger, I did not want children," - says Kelly - "I wanted to be a career-. I did not like to sit with the kids. But over time, God changed my heart. " After graduating from college, the children began to be born tight and fast. For the first 15 years of marriage, Kelly pregnant each year. "I was pregnant longer than was not pregnant" - says Kelly. "I've always liked to have a lot of brothers and sisters" - Zack said, the eldest son, who is 21, worked as a volunteer fireman, and also worked at his father. "There will always be someone with whom you can play. There will always be a friend. Unfamiliar to me the feeling of loneliness ».

After the birth of a pair of 16th child Ellie, Kelly had two miscarriages, there have been three. "It was one of the most difficult times in our lives," - says Gil, who alerted the 11 children. Dr. Kelly said that abortions were caused by low levels of progesterone. After hormone therapy, she became pregnant again.

On weekends, the family is selected on the chants in the nursing home. "" We will not change our family "- says 17-year-old Nathan.

Child №17, Kelly-Anne Bates was born on August 2, 2009. The eighth boy and 18 children in the family - Vayett Judson was born on September 15, 2010. Brothers and sisters sometimes quarrel, but Bates said they usual one big happy family. To date, the family of eight boys and ten girls. "We compete, and my mother needed to have another two or Bole boys that we were on an equal footing."


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