Paper Plane (5 photos)

See the photos of incredible team from Britain, who sent the plane into the air with a mini-camera on board. Paper airplane wingspan which is three feet, was launched with the help of a ball filled with helium.

Countdown. The team is preparing to launch a helium balloon 50 kilometers from Madrid.
Balloon climbs with a paper airplane, raising it for 90 minutes.
At an altitude of 90 000 feet balloon burst, releasing the plane in free fall, during which he had to photograph the earth.
The cost of the entire operation? Modest 8,000 euros.

All the work was carried out by enthusiasts Steve Daniels, John Oates and Lester Haynes, who said they were inspired by their first project. Last year they sent a piece of cheese in the sky.
After the hour and a half feet balloon burst at an altitude of 90,000 feet.
The team followed the plane using a GPS navigator and after landing, found him in the woods, a hundred miles from the launch site.

Photo of the earth, made with a paper airplane.


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