Interesting facts about Grace Kelly

Grace Kelly - American actress, who starred in all the 11 films, however, has held a firm place in the history of cinema. American Film Institute included Grace Kelly among the 25 greatest actresses who have made the greatest contribution to the development of American cinema.

Scene One - family sport. Drinking sports family Kelly was almost like the Indians - a sacred cow. And how could it be otherwise: his father, John Kelly, Sr., Olympic champion in 1920 in Antwerp in rowing; mother, Margaret Kelly, the first woman teacher of physical culture in the University of Pennsylvania. Sorry, but Grace did not yield training - she would only read books so play with dolls ...

Still second - wealthy. At the end of his sports career, John Kelly, Sr., is not sitting idly by. He had ambitions above the roof. And he knew how to turn ambition into dollars. Luxury three-storey house in Philadelphia on Henry Avenue head of the firm "Kelly. Masonry work "spoke for itself. Later elegant Grace Kelly went on the answers to questions about the viability of her father. Financial experts also estimated the size of the traditional dry state, John Kelly, Sr. in the $ 16-20 million.

Still a third - seductive. Examinations at Bennington College for Women Grace flunked because of mathematics. Parents were frustrated - they dream about it. A happy Grace immediately flew off to the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. Study fabulous money was worth it, so Grace had to do craft mothers - to earn a fashion model and a model. Her career rapidly went up. So much so that advertisers began to pay it on location in jewelry, expensive furs, evening dresses and sportswear. It was the recognition.

Still a fourth - lucky. One day, when Grace hurriedly fled to acting school, its agents intercepted the casting for the film "Taxi", where she lights the main female role. I do not dosvetila. Samples with Kelly put on the shelf. Where they were discovered by Stanley Kramer, who sought the main character for the western "High Noon." The same thing happened with John Ford and "Mogambo." The result - a seven-year contract with MGM, where one of the conditions posed a ban on the other shooting. Because of this, the great Alfred Hitchcock, Grace Kelly zanesshego personal list of "My favorite blonde", had to pay MGM, to shoot her in his masterpieces.

Frame fifth - seductive. Beauty Grace Kelly, like bees bright and sweet smelling flower, surrounded by many fans. The list of her amorous conquests brought and the inimitable Clark Gable. And the blame for the shooting was a case of "Mogambo." Ostensibly Gable once complained that he suffered from a lack of comfortable socks. Grace, without delay, personally knitted socks in red and gave the actor. Imagine his surprise when a few days later he received from one of London journalists a telegram to urgently confirm or deny his romantic relationship with Kelly. Gable found this telegram the greatest compliment in my life. There is another version of the story: in the African savannah, where the shooting took place, "Mogambo" urgently flown Margaret Kelly to explain to her daughter that her father Gable good.

Still sixth - stellar. And I must say that this star for the first time in the history of film award "Oscar" broke out in the air. It was the first TV broadcast ceremony transformed into a spectacular show with a 50-million audience. Maximum attention is given to Judy Garland, who played in the movie "A Star Is Born" - no one doubted that the golden statuette for Best Actress will get to her. And the star really was born: the role of Grace Kelly in "The Country Girl" received six more votes!

Scene Seven - the prince. Happy "tea rose on a long stalk of Philadelphia" led the US delegation to the cinematic Mecca - Cannes. And here the photographer "Paris Match" Pierre Galante in search of the original cover for the magazine suddenly reduced it with the brilliant Prince Rainier of Monaco III. Photo session ended - and began an affair by correspondence, which lasted six months. Letters Renier won the heart of Grace. Prince of Monaco spent Christmas 1955 in the family of his future wife's parents.

Frame eighth - a wedding. "Wedding of the century" - called it a marriage of the press. It's no joke: 30 million TV audience, wedding at the Cathedral of St. Nicholas, invited as guests of the Hollywood stars and the "blue blood" of Europe. A wedding dress Grace Kelly! Twenty-five meters of silk, almost a kilometer of silk mesh, lace from the museum's 125-year history, studded with thousands of pearls! Honeymoon cruise in the Mediterranean on the prince's yacht. And ... deadbeat from public and journalists. Since then, Kelly wanted to keep this very private personal life. Paparacii hated her for it.

Frame ninth - family. Her Serene Highness The Princess of Monaco Grace Kelly was very loved by the residents of his small principality. The marriage put an end to her cinematic career, plunging instead into the secular affairs of the princely court, and family matters. But Grace is too valued independence. She appeared lovers, which, due to frequent changes she called "teddy bears." Love Rainier III was replaced by jealousy - and to men, and to the people, it is increasingly pulled away from her. Three of their children - Caroline, Albert and Stephanie - did not become really close with my parents.

Frame tenth - the last. Seventeen Stephanie threw room - in 1982 fell in love with Paul Belmondo (son of Jean-Paul) and his advice instead of auto racing took lessons at the institute. It is clear that Grace did not like it. She decided to talk to her daughter, avoiding the paparazzi, so September 13 she got behind the wheel cars. On one of the turns of the mountain serpentine she lost control. The car crashed down a 45-meter cliff. Stephanie was injured, but survived. And Grace Kelly broke her neck. A day later, doctors were convinced that her brain is dead, and with the consent of inconsolable relatives, turned off the ventilator ... Rainier III, has not married again, he died in 2005. Above the couple's graves in the Cathedral of Monaco bears the inscription: "Silence and respect».



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