Masters of camouflage wildlife

Many animals nature endowed with various protective devices that allow them to hide from the eyes of the enemy, or vice versa hide and wait for their prey. We offer a selection of some of the wildlife that have a very convincing disguise skill. Lichen spider. Reserve Erawan, Thailand

Mottled senddab day on the Pacific coast of North America.

Listohvosty or satanic gecko (lizard). Reserve Andasibe-Mantadia, Madagascar.

Mimicking toad. Reserve Amacayacu, Colombia.

Sandhopper «sunning" on the red sand

Orchid mantis. Thailand

Deciduous grasshopper. Preserve San Cipriano, Colombia

Find me. The snow leopard in the Himalayas

Moth on a rock

Atlantic long flounder on the seabed

Mossy ploskohvosty gecko (lizard). Reserve Montagne dAmbre, Madagascar

Grasshopper camouflaged. Costa Rica

Frog fillomeduza artfully hidden on the background of autumn leaves. South America

Vietnamese mossy frog

Giant Forest nightjar (bird) resting on a tree. Brazil

Merged with the bottom of the octopus off the coast of the Maldives

Crab Harlequin disguised as sea cucumber. Indonesia

Pacific spotted scorpion fish among the rocks in the vicinity of the island of Malpelo in the Pacific Ocean

Anuran Championship disguise

A certain mysterious gusinichka

Here, too, there is someone

Grizzly Bear on a snowy meadow in North America. Also did not immediately notice

Also mimicry



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