Wild animals

Few manage to tame wild animals. Scientists say that the majority of wild species do not get along with people, because it's in their genetic code.

Daisy Mae - dwarf Vietnamese potbellied pig - lazily lounging in a chair, like a hostess. This home favorite has become a full member of the family of West St. Paul, Minnesota, USA.

And this is a picture showing the experiment, conducted on the dog at Duke University. The aim of the experience was to establish the degree of interaction with the human animal. Under the plastic bucket hidden food that the animal can not smell the smell. One of the men, pointing his finger at the bucket, for a long time to feed the animals and take care of him, while the second - a stranger. Whose clue dog react?

Norwegian red cow napping on a mat on a small dairy farm cooperative in Lillehammer, Norway. Laws on improving living conditions for animals here require farmers to provide "soft coating" in which cows need to lie down. Here's an example of caring for our smaller brothers demonstrates the Norwegian government.

The two extremes. Both chicks for eight weeks old. But as we see the difference in their size and weight - on the face. This pair demonstrates the effectiveness of large-scale cultivation techniques rocks geneticists Paul Siegel and Virginia Tech. "We only use artificial selection as a tool to emulate natural selection. We just gipertrofiruem it ».


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