10 places familiar to us pigeons replace exotic animals

Just as we are used to a large number of pigeons in our streets, residents of other countries used to own "beggars". Who would have thought that in Thailand to you may suddenly run up a dozen monkeys, and in the town of Nara in Japan, people coexist peacefully with their herds of deer?

< Website took ten amazing places in which live quite unusual for us "beggars doves┬╗.

Island rabbits, Japan

The main attraction of the small island Ōkunoshima in Japan are long-eared locals - many wild rabbits. This place is also known as the Island of rabbits, and it is home to more than 700 furry creatures, which roam freely in the territory and with joy in contact with people.

Herds of sheep, New Zealand
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New Zealand called a paradise for dreamers ... and sheep. And this is no accident, because when the country's population of 4, 4 million sheep living there - almost 34 million! That is, for each inhabitant accounted for approximately 8 sheep.

Farm iguanas, Honduras

Roatan - a popular cruise ship port, one of the most attractive tourist attractions Honduras. A main attraction of Roatan - farm, where hundreds of iguanas roam where they want and do not always beg off treats tourists

Village foxes, Japan

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This magical oasis called Zao Fox Kitsune Mura. The village is a mini-zoo, where more than one hundred foxes run free throughout. Visitors can not only fearlessly walk in the park, but also to feed the charming foxes, observing certain precautions.

Wild parrots, Spain

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And in Spain, along with the usual pigeons, fly quietly and regale passers-by with hands colorful wild parrots. Even one of their brightness rises mood!

Monkeys, Thailand

Anyone who has ever been in Thailand, with a probability of 100% met there a wild monkey. After all, in this country, these exotic creatures can be found anywhere: they live not only in the jungle, but even on beaches, in parks, calmly strolling through the city

Island cats, Japan <. br>

On Tashiroima island in Japan live very small number of people, but hundreds of cats roam. The islanders fed animals fish and treat them with sympathy, but at home they do not hold. And what if every morning you can pick up a new friend for the day.

Wild roosters, Hawaii

Kauai Island - a paradise for the chickens. They are forbidden to hunt, except when they wander on private property. Birds freely roam everywhere chickens for a drive or hatch offspring, and constantly fighting cocks

Wild Animal Park, Phillip Island

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This island is mainly famous for its colony of penguins, which live about 5000 inhabitants cruise. However, he and a whole boasts a variety of flora and fauna. This island is also home to such wild Australian animals like kangaroos, for example.

Deer City, Japan

Japanese town of Nara literally captured the deer, it is estimated, there live more than 1,200 individuals. In fact, most of them lives in the park, but they walk through the streets of the city - not fiction. Some individuals may well go beyond the park and popristavat to passers-by, begging for treats. Moreover, these cute hooligans so do not afraid of people, that may even themselves aggressively push their machines to the crackers.

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