A stunning place that almost nobody saw

Travelers has managed to get around most of the planet — so, at least, it seems from the outside. Abandoned cities, deserts, pyramids, where life flourished and went strange religious rituals — it's all there in tens of thousands of photos, carefully placed on mantel shelves and walls of the apartment. Travel lose its beauty because become replicated by way of the rest — after all, we all want something individual, something special. Especially for such aesthetes long voyage, Amateurs of unusual and fresh, we've gathered a dozen places of amazing beauty, yet few have seen live.

Nunavut, Canada

In the far North of Canada lies a wild, similar to the illustration of "the Snow Queen", the territory of Nunavut. A few kilometers from the shore You can walk along the most real iceberg, to crawl into his icy insides to explore, feeling Kai — well, Gerda.

The Refuge Torre Di Pisa, Dolomites, Italy

To the refuge Torre Di Pisa will have to get our way and the walk will not be easy. A few hours in the mountain will pay off handsomely: at the end of the road weary tourists there are cozy rooms, which offer breathtaking views.

The Narrow Lodge, National Park Wood-Tikchik, Alaska

This small fishing Lodge located on the very tip of the Peninsula, occupied the national Park. The nearest road from here as much as 600 kilometers, and it means that you can only get here by seaplane. Not cheap, however, the fishing is unforgettable.

The Lost City, Colombia

Under the endangered city is hidden in the middle of the Colombian jungle. The hike here will take a few days — specidy Santa Ana will be happy to carry out bold tourist through the wild jungle. Ancient ruins in the jungle — 200 well-preserved buildings — anyone able to turn into an inveterate archaeologist.

Casa Andina Lake Titicaca, Peru

Four hours boat ride on lake Titicaca will take You to the secluded place, which saw very few people. There is no slightest sign of civilization — that in our techno-age can only be considered a plus.

Anegada, British virgin Islands

A complex system of coastal reefs have turned this place into a real bulwark of the ancient world. Only the most experienced fishermen from the local residents dare to drive their boats in treacherous waters. There really is something to see — a lagoon full of exotic fish, palm thickets, where there are wild animals, and Golden beaches worthy of a separate article.

Darvaza, Turkmenistan

The locals called this place "the Door of Hell" — one look at the raging in the failure of the fire will be enough to explain the etymology. Crater burning for over forty years, though, and in fact originates in the depths of the ninth circle.

Mirador, Guatemala

Everyone has heard about the Peruvian Machu Picchu — but the Mirador, an ancient city in the depths of Guatemala that few know. There was a pre-classical Mayan civilization and the city is full of strange, frightening his symmetrical impressive architectural monuments.

The Principality Of Sealand

Sounds impressive, but in reality, it's just a lonely oil rig, located ten kilometers from the Suffolk coast. Now there lives only one person, but seven years ago, the Principality struggled the United Kingdom. Fun fact: the site of Sealand, anyone can obtain the title of count of only 320$ (which, of course, not so little in the current reality).

Small villages, Guizhou, China

Itself Guizhou province is one of the poorest in all of China. Modernization comes here, threatening the disappearance of the classic a small village where the locals still provide yourself with everything necessary for yourself. Here really should make a trip lasting several days, and even for a week — a leisurely stroll will fill you with a sense of peace and well-being, which can boast all the inhabitants of the province. published


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