Studio apartment 25 sq. m. with a glassed-in bedroom

When a small apartment is stylish, do not even notice that her owners did not have enough space. This Studio apartment is remembered primarily for the fact that she thought through every detail, from the glassed-in bedrooms, the stylish wardrobe in the hallway.

The center of everything in the apartment was a large table with bar stools. It can also be used as the cooking area.

Lamps of different shapes and sizes look really good on the table.

The bathroom mirror hangs on a thick leather belt, and the only element of decoration was a dried branch.

The kitchen in the middle there is a cooking area and all necessary equipment. Around the working area is located wardrobes.

And here is the bedroom behind the glass. Though small, but full space.

The brick wall additionally create comfort in the apartment. And unusual for a small apartment form a wall of glass fits perfectly into the interior.

Above the bed created a few shelves, and the wall itself additionally covered with wooden planks to emphasize the unusual style of the room.

The hallway also has a large mirror so that you can try things on before going outside.published

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