Eco-life style diet. 10 main steps

Theme healthy food on a professional level, I was worried always. And if I wrote a post just about food with benefits for our physical health, I likely would have listed all those steps.

1. Eat more vegetables, fruit, nuts and other unprocessed or minimally processed plant foods.

2. Reduce to a minimum, and if you can, and do, exclude meat and dairy products.

The most authoritative organization in the world in the field of nutrition — American dietetic Association — recognized vegetarian diet the most appropriate for a healthy lifestyle. In the United States and Europe is the rejection of excessive animal protein in the diet, and a number of athletes from marathon runners to football players, sitting exclusively on a vegetable diet.

In addition, credible studies have debunked myths about the necessity of animal protein and have also established a direct correlation between certain diseases and the use of cow's milk (read the China Study (The China Study), watch Cowspiracy). By the way, meat and dairy industry is the main cause of climate change.


3. Exclude from the diet of processed and pre-packaged products containing chemicals.

4. If possible, cook at home.

5. Procuring at the farmers markets in a proven specialized in healthy food shops, or make joint purchases.

6. Use reusable utensils, reusable cups.

Eliminate or minimize use of disposable tableware.

7. Drink more water and infusion drinks (fresh fruit drinks) and less tea and coffee.

8. Minimize, or better yet, eliminate the purchase of fast food.

9. Do not overeat.

Proven, if you eat less you will live longer.

Plus the planet is in all respects better from this nutrition strategy.

10. Grow foods themselves.

Progressive mankind is moving towards the creation of mini-gardens and mini-kitchen garden on the balcony/in the backyard/on the windowsill. It is for this future. Yes, we are, in a sense, go back to the earth.published


Author: Yulia Berezovsky


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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