As the siege of Leningrad hidden monuments

One of the most important tasks during the siege of Leningrad has become a disguise and rescue of monuments and vital city. Let us see what wonders masking showed citizens.

In the scheme of the Summer Garden specify where buried sculpture.

It was more difficult when the statue was big and remove it from the pedestal was difficult (or pedestal itself as represented by artistic value). Then, around the statue erected a protective glass made of wood, which is covered with sand.
Drawings shelters for the Bronze Horseman.

Shelter for the monument to Nicholas I.

Shelter Egyptian sphinxes.

Monument to Nicholas I.
Even more difficult was the shelter of the obelisks. It is clear that the removal of Alexandria column pedestal was impossible to build a box around it - too. Therefore, in a column installed system extensions, which increases the stability of the monument.

Project to protect the Alexander Column.

The hardest things were the houses. Conceal them was impossible, but it was possible to disguise them.
Project masking Admiralty and explanatory note.

Plan. From the air, instead of the Admiralty was seen park.

So masked Smolny Institute and propylene.

Separately, work was done on the shelter gilded domes and spiers of the city, when it is used two ways - domes and spiers covered with gold leaf, sheltered covers, and the dome of St. Isaac's and Paul Cathedral, gilded by electroforming, just painted with oil paint. For the execution of these works attracted athletes climbers - members of sports clubs SWD "Arts": pianist O. Firsov, Secretary DSO AI Prigozhevu, employee Lenfilm studio A. Zięba, second lieutenant Mikhail Bobrov, cellist MI, Shestakova, artist T. E. Wiesel. He led a team of architect S. Davydov and engineer L. Zhukovsky.

Repair boot on the spire of the Admiralty building.

Masking of the main dome of St. Nicholas Cathedral.

A team of climbers, performs masking work on the spire of Peter and Paul Cathedral ...

Spiderman M. Shestakov performs masking work on the spire of the Peter and Paul Cathedral.



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