How to dispose of old subway cars in New York

All of you must have heard that the cars of the New York subway disposed of at sea. First of them removed the equipment and all hazardous materials and liquids, and then pretty gutted pastures loaded on a huge barge and sent to the ocean. To date, New York has more than 2,500 drowned their old pastures. Let's look at their last journey.

Not all cars fall to the bottom. Part of the reserve for later use in official purposes, and is often given to the transport museum or stored in the depot.

The program to create artificial reefs appeared when the MTA before the company faced the problem of disposing a large fleet of cars produced in the 60s. When used in the production of asbestos-containing materials, making recycling the usual way uneconomical. Then they decided to drown. It is believed that asbestos is harmful only when exposed to air and water it supposedly loses hazardous properties. Not everyone agrees, but the government gave the go-ahead and the cars began to drop in the water of the Atlantic Ocean.

Since the beginning of the 2000s in this way it has disposed of 2 580 cars.

Company AIT claims that dumping cars into the ocean, they have saved more than $ 12 million.

Wagons sank along the coast from New Jersey to Georgia.

At 26 miles from the coast of the State of Delaware has an artificial reef named Redbird. Redbird - is the name of a series of wagons of the New York subway, the side of which at one time had been painted a deep red color to fight graffiti. To create this small area of ​​the reef it was flooded 714 cars, 86 tanks and armored vehicles, eight tugs and barges, and about 3 000 tonnes of the truck wheels. For 7 years, the fish population there increased by 4 times.

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