A terrible disease has helped to reveal her talent: 5-year-old autistic girl paints a stunning picture.

This 5-year-old Iris Grace from Leicestershire, UK. She has an incredible talent - so young baby creates beautiful paintings that can be compared to the masterpieces of the famous Impressionist painters.

Grace was diagnosed - Autism ... It's a neurological disorder that affects the perception of the social and human interaction with the world around him.

It would seem that parents could drop their hands when they found out in 2011 about the illness of his daughter. It was then to find Grace's communication problems, the parents turned to a speech therapist, who advised them that their daughter was engaged in painting. This would help her learn how to communicate with others via drawings.

So she began to paint and try to express themselves through art.

When Grace showed his first drawings, her parents Arabella Carter-Johnson and Peter John Halmshou opened brilliant talent daughter, who had never noticed in children her age. The paintings of the young artist has been compared with the paintings of the famous French impressionist Claude Monet.

When Grace draws, it is able to concentrate on the work on the web for about 2 hours. And this is when it is diagnosed - a lot of progress!

«She has a phenomenal sense of color and how colors interact with each other», i> - says the girl's mother.

«Grace is overjoyed, as soon as I take out the paint. Drawing has always lifts her spirits ». I>

Arabella said she wanted to show the work of the daughter of the other, so that people understand what autism is, and that the disease should not be an obstacle to anything. Currently in the UK from autism affects about 100,000 children, and these figures are rising every year.

Also, the woman added: «If you are a parent or teacher who has to deal with a child with autism, you are constantly trying to communicate with him and looking for the key that will allow you to enter his complex world. I found the precious key - it's excessive love for painting Iris ». I>

The good news is that the diagnosis Iris did not become an obstacle for her, but rather gave impetus to expand the emergency talent girl. With the help of art one can speak in plain language for all, this girl goes perfectly communicate and interact with the environment. Share this masterpiece paintings autistic girl friends.



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