Three things You didn't know that they are radioactive

All we know about sources of radiation: nuclear power plants, microwave ovens, nuclear weapons and the visit of some territories of Ukraine. But you need to know about the less obvious sources of radiation.
Brazil nuts
Brazilian walnut is one of the most radioactive food sources in the world, but don't think that a couple of nuts will reward you with super powers. Do not reward, people have already experienced. As found by one unhappy fan of nuts eating Brazil nuts can cause feces and urine to be highly radioactive.

Central station new York

Central station new York – one of the largest stations in the world. For anyone planning to visit this station need to know this and one of the most radioactive stations. Its radioactivity is caused by the walls and foundations, which are made from granite rocks, which can contain natural radiation.

Evacuation signs

If you go to school or College, or work in an office, you've definitely seen the luminous signs "Exit" (or Exit). Because the signs need to hold people to a safe place in the event of a disaster, they are not connected to the electrical network of the building as the electricity in an emergency situation, most likely will be gone. So how do they radiate this light? The light emits a radioactive isotope of hydrogen – tritium contained in the sign.

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