20 facts about encouraging our lives by Paulo Coelho

Paulo Kollo - one of the most famous writers of our time. His sayings and quotes diverge on the world as well as his wonderful books. < Website publishes two dozen statements Coelho, wise, soothing and reassuring the reader.

  • As soon as I found all the answers all the questions have changed.
  • Why would I suddenly occurred to him to save the world? After all, I'm still barely able to save himself.
  • Constantly feel miserable - a luxury.
  • The best way to weaken the enemy - is to convince him that to yield to it and agree his intentions.
  • In the desire to always have some kind of incompleteness. For executed, it ceases to be a desire.
  • Change is only when we go against that, contrary to the fact what used to.
  • When around you are the same people - somehow by itself it turns out that they are part of your life. And entering into your life, after some time they are willing to change it. And if you do not become the way they want you to see - take offense. Each fact knows exactly how it should live in the world.
They love because love. Love argument does not recognize. Sometimes it is easier to get an answer by silence than by asking questions. The best way to find and destroy the enemy - it is to be his friend. < / Look for those who think differently, and whom you will never convince that right. Do not try to get love at any cost, because Love has no price. < People who seek only to success, almost never achieve it, because it is not an end in itself, but a consequence. So what is success? This is an opportunity every night to go to sleep in peace in my heart. Our soul run four invisible forces: love, death, power and time. Sometimes you need to work around the world, to understand what the treasure is buried at your own home. If you dare to say "good-bye", life will reward you a new "hello". Stop always think, if you were in everybody's way. If someone does not like it, he complains. And if he lacks the courage to complain about, then that's his problem. The dignity of man is not measured by the amount of those winds around him when he at the peak of good luck and success, but the ability to remember who held out his hand in Watch adversity. No one can not lose, because nobody belongs to nobody. In the end, all have to be good. If something bad - so it's not the end ...

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