How quickly and effectively build muscle without leaving home

Charles Bronson, Britain's most famous prisoner, serving a term of almost 40 years, since 1974. During this long period of time, he became a true fan of the sport, and has developed its own training program, in which as the load uses only the weight of his tela.S this program Bronson developed a superhuman strength, he is able to do 172 push-ups in 60 seconds, lift alone pool table and bend the steel door of a prison cell with his bare hands.

But Bronson - not the only prisoner who was able to build up such power without access to a bar, full nutrition and sports supplements. Convicted worldwide create high-performance training, they can follow in tiny cells and the prison yard.

Website published a useful article for anyone who believes that training should not depend on the availability of the gym, because our body - in itself an effective trainer!

Push-ups h2>

Ronson, he does push-ups a day in 2000. If you start to do 10 push-ups and add another 5 every day, a little more than a year, you will reach the same level.

Pull-ups h2>

What is good in the chin-up - is the fact that they can be done anywhere there is an opportunity to hang off. At home, in the park on the simulator, it will fit even the branch of a tree, and in the hotel you can do pull-ups, resting in a doorway, although it will be more difficult to pull the fingers. And precisely in prison will be found the bar, to tidy up your body pampered easy life.

pullups with a towel. Hang two towels on the bar and take one in each hand. Now Pull yourself up. Excellent grip strength develops.

Pull-ups on one arm. After completing at least a few pull-ups on one hand, you come into a beast mode. Share this focus its inmates, and these mattresses will huddle on the walls, just to be away from you.

Squats h2>

How many times notice, sit-ups are the main and most effective sports exercises to develop the muscles of the back, hips and buttocks. And if you went to prison, on the courts to sit, want-not, you still have.

Squats concluded. From the traditional, they differ in that during the execution of the hands should be kept behind the head.

squat jump. Plyometric version of sit-ups. Perform squats and concluded, dropping to the lowest point on the return Blast jump as high as you can. When his feet touch the ground, immediately perform the following replay.

Squats gun. You'll get respect only if at least a few times do squats on one leg. When you're a prisoner to perform squats, squat during one stretch your leg straight in front of him. Your lower body became remotely resembles a gun, hence the name. To perform this titanic work, and make at least a few repetitions, you will take more than one month, filled with pain and suffering.

Reverse push-ups h2>

Inmates perform reverse push hands resting in a chair and put your feet on the floor or bed. You can complicate his task, putting on his knees various heavy objects. With reverse push-ups you worked your triceps, chest muscles, shoulders and body.

Raising legs h2>

Normal lifting the legs on the crossbar runs like this: grab for the bar, so that the grip was a little wider than shoulder width apart. Bending at the hip joint and keeping the knees straight, raise your legs until they are perpendicular to the torso. Return to starting position.

The rise of the tribes. If you can not make a normal ascent feet, you can lighten it, starting to bend your knees and raising them to the level of the chest.

Hanging wiper. The rise of the legs and can be more difficult. Perform routine set, but when your feet go up to the top position, turn them to the side and tighten your abdominal muscles. Now turn to the other side. You performed a repeated, well done.

Burpoe h2>

Burpoe is the final exercise of this street workout, but it is followed by a few interesting moments. Burpoe use in their training some football teams practicing CrossFit, and elite military units. This simple movement perfectly develops endurance, since its implementation involves virtually all muscle groups.

Classic Burpoe. Get the squat position and Put Your hands on the floor in front of him. Explosive movements rearrange his feet in position for push-ups. Immediately bring them back to their original location. Jump out of the squat as high as you can.

Burpoe by prying with. Do Burpoe as usual, but when will accept the position for push-ups, follow him, and continue to do more.

Burpoe with pulling up. Pre stand at the bar or a horizontal branch, so after the jump you can reach it and do one pull-up. Repeat. I heard this sound? It is the soul tries to leave your suffering body.

Deck pain h2>

As promised, a few useful pieces, which can be obtained from the street workout for prisoners.

Take an ordinary card deck of 52 cards. APPROPRIATE suit each one of the exercises. For example, diamonds - a push-worms - pull-ups, and so on. D. Start to pull out cards one by one. The image on the picture will tell you how many repetitions you should do. Maps with a figure considered for 10 repetitions, the ace of 11. If you got, say, five diamonds, you have to do 5 push-ups. Comply with the relevant exercises and repetitions, until the deck is finished.

of the Valley of Juarez street workout h2>

Inmates from the prison Valley of Juarez uses the following method to build their workouts. Choose one exercise, for example, it will push. The circuit consists of 20 sets. For odd sets you start with 20 repetitions and decreases each time one (1 set of 20 repetitions, set 3: 19 repetitions, and so on. D.). For even set, by contrast, begins with one repeat and one was added (set of 2: 1 is repeated, set 4: 2, and so on repeat. D.). When you reach the 20th, a total of 210 reps should have one exercise. Between 5-10 repetitions Take steps to rest, then do. The goal is to complete the circuit as quickly as you can.

Squats Mike Tyson h2>

When Tyson was in prison, he developed his own scheme of performing squats. It looks pretty easy, but it will be hard to repeat, believe me. Put the 10 cards in a straight line, the distance between the cards should be somewhere 10 cm. Standing on the first line card, do squats and lift it. Take a step to the next map in the squat put the first card to the second. Now make one more squat to pick it back. Now, to pick up a second card. Move to the next card and repeat all over again until, as a result, will not collect all 10 cards.

You have one day h2>

When Ryan Ferguson jailed Missouri erroneous charges of murder, he created a scheme in which concentrated on doing just one exercise a day. The idea is to do 500 repetitions of one exercise per hour. It does not matter how many sets you break this number, more importantly, to do 500 repetitions before 60 minutes have elapsed.



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