Andrei "ends of the earth."

For more than two decades that have passed since the collapse of the Soviet Union, its former citizens of the order of forgotten concept of "internationalism».
In a crisis, economic and ideological problems, many began to seek salvation, gathering in flocks on a national basis. The more primitive the community, the more likely it appeals to the "voice of the blood».
The hero of our story today would fall into the category of "guest workers", "Ravshanov and Dzhamshuta", to which the Russian youth is with disgust and annoyance.
And it is unlikely that he ever said if in answer, for he was a man of few words. For it would have said medals and orders on his chest. Today, however, many unknown to the price front medals, is not measured in dollars and euros, and in the human courage ...

Silent Master
According to ancient Kyrgyz tradition, the ends of the earth is on the eastern shore of Lake Issyk-Kul.
It is on the "edge of the world", in the village of Kurmenty in May 1909 to a peasant family was born a boy, who was named Abdykasymom.
He had a normal childhood, is the same as that of his buddies and friends. As they are fond Abdykasym falconry - an exotic occupation for the residents of central Russia, but for ordinary living on the shores of Lake Issyk-Kul.
In addition, the boy was drawn to the art. He loved to tinker with different mechanisms, spent much time in the collective garage, helped mechanics, learning science is not in theory but in practice. After seven years of schooling Abdykasym went to Samarkand, school mechanics. In his native village he returned to the specialty of the driver and quickly became a respected man among the villagers. It was said that Abdykasym can fix anything, and if need be, will collect the car from a kerosene stove and sewing machine.
Before the war, he moved to the city Abdykasym Przhevalsk, where he became an instructor in automotor Osoaviahima.
When the Great Patriotic War, terse Abdykasym went to the draft board. There he explained - as a specialist Abdykasymu relies reservation, and it is not subject to appeal.
But the mechanic "golden hands", which by this time was already over 30, only shook his head and said - he and your volunteer he does not need.
Will you fly on Ile backwards ...
In August 1941 Abdykasym Karymshakov was sent to the post of Aviation Regiment gunsmith. Technicians were very much needed the army, but Abdykasym insisted that he wanted not only to prepare the aircraft for others, but also the fight. And soon he was sent to the Leningrad air-technical school for training on air gunner.
"Will you gunner and pilot in the shower,
Will you fly on Ile backwards ... »
During the war, this unpretentious song was very popular. Il-2 was produced in single and double versions.
Experience has shown fighting - IL-2 is an excellent car, but unprotected rear, too vulnerable to German fighters.
Car immediately began to produce in a double version, with a cabin for the shooter. Preparations have begun for aerial gunners, who were to take place in the crew of "Ihlow».
Survival of the IL-2 dependent largely on the skill of the shooter. In this case, the cab due to the nature of the design was protected worse than the cockpit. And the losses among the shooters were much larger than among pilots.
All this Abdykasym knew, but continued to strive to fight in the thick.
From January 1943 school graduate gunners sergeant Karymshakov an internship in a reserve air regiment, and in May 1943 was sent to the army.
In the 75th Guards Attack Aviation Regiment Abdykasyma assigned to the crew of a smiling young lieutenant.
- Shreds - introduced the.
- Abdykasym - Kirghiz replied.
A second lieutenant on his face flashed confusion, but he immediately found:
- Can I call you Andrew?
- You can, - replied calmly Abdykasym.
A native of Dnepropetrovsk Ukrainian Anatoly Brandys was under his hand for ten years, but in the crew they understood each other perfectly. In combat, this understanding not just saved their lives.
The crew with the call sign "Altai" received its baptism of fire in the sky Donbass. Already in the first battles Tolia and "Andrew" showed that the war are able to perfectly. The shooter had time not only to repel the attacks of the enemy, but also to fire at ground targets.

Departure for the flight, fight the battle ... In late September 1943, at the IL-2 and Brandys Karymshakova while returning from a mission haywire motor. Stormtrooper behind the group, and then attacked him, "Messer", decided that it is easy to cope with the "sludge." Not a bit of it - three arrows to repel the attacks of the German ace commander and allowed to escape from persecution.
Air gunner at the front - a trade deficit. When dropped out to wounded comrades, Abdykasym flew and as part of other crews, making three flights a day.
The regiment was called "sniper", and it was not an exaggeration. On his account had been destroyed enemy vehicles, anti-aircraft guns. In November 1943, Abdykasym Karymshakov officially chalked up the first enemy aircraft shot down, killing a German Me-109.
Reliable armor
Anatoly and Abdykasyma repeatedly shot down - to attack aircraft is the norm rather than the event of emergency. But to get out of hell - an extremely difficult task.
At Nikopol they had to sit in the neutral zone, and then, under the fire of the enemy, running from crater to crater, reaching their front edge.
In the spring of 1944, during the battle for the Crimea, they do not just fall into trouble. April 7 during the attack of the enemy airfield Kurman Kemelchi was hit by a plane squadron commander, sat down on a forced landing in enemy territory. "Altai", whose plane was also damaged, fought over the place of landing, allowing one more "Ilu" sit down and pick up the crew got into trouble.
April 16 a new departure and a new fierce battle - IL-2 group ran into the fire anti-aircraft guns, and then climbed into the air the German fighters. Of the six Soviet attack aircraft in service only one remains. Four Hitler "Focke-Wulf" tried to take IL-2 in the "ticks" to put to their base and capture the pilots. But Abdykasym beat one attack after another. Ardor exhausted Germans, when one of the fighters fell, shot down shooter IL-2.
One of the hits drove IL peak from which Anatoly brought the car just above the smooth surface of the Black Sea. When we returned to the airport, on the plane counted 72 holes.
May 6, 1944 in the assault on the German airfield IL-2 group was faced with enemy fighters. On two Soviet machines were killed arrows. Then the planes were reconstructed, and Abdykasym was "to protect the back" once the three "oozes". He fought off seven attacks and allowed all storming return to the airfield.
Pilot Anatoly Brandys said of his team-mate: "I do not have to look back. Behind me Abdykasym. It is stronger than any armor ».
One chance in a thousand
In early February 1945 they were IL-2 was shot down again. Sat down in enemy territory, Anatoly was wounded in the leg. Go he could not, so he said:
- I come, Andrew, choose one!
- Yeah, - muttered arrows caught commander and dragged him to the front line.
- Sergeant Karymshakov, that's an order! - Shouted the pilot.
"Andrei" nodded and continued on his way, carrying the wounded commander.
They managed to cross the front line to his. Mysticism, but on home airfield they arrived just at the moment when the regiment commander reported on the construction of the heroic death of the crew "Altai».
After this incident, Abdykasym put into the cab captured German machine mr 40, counting in which case shoot out of it during a forced landing in enemy territory.
A couple of weeks later, there was the most incredible event in combat biography arrow Karymshakova.
New departure, a new ground attack, and again attack the German fighter pilots that at the end of the war became more and more desperate. Abdykasym beats off attack after attack, but the Germans continued to settle. And after the next shot silence. The on-board pulёmete "Elah" run out of ammo.
German, noticing this, began to enter into the tail, intending to finish the "Russian" certainly.
Adbykasym looked at the approaching enemy, clenching his fists in impotent hatred. And then eyes fell on a captured machine. Sticking the barrel opening for a machine gun, he fired a long burst in the direction of "Messer».
What is it calculated? Yes, no matter what. So the soldiers shoot a pistol in driving up the tank, not wanting to give up before the inevitable death.
German MP 40 submachine gun, of course, is not designed for air combat, and in 999 cases in 1000 was not able to harm "Messershmity».
But it occurred to Abdykasymom Karymshakova the only case from 1000. The bullet from the machine landed in a secure place only weakly fighter in the bow - a gap the oil cooler, after which the "Messer" puffed and went down sharply.
IL-2 has safely returned to the airfield.

Officer of the Order of Glory During WWII Guard Petty Officer Abdykasym Karymshakov made 227 sorties, during which he participated in 52 air battles and shot down seven enemy aircraft (3 individually and in group 4). Order of the Red Banner, Order of the Red Star, Order of the Patriotic War 1st degree, numerous medals ... And most importantly, Abdykasym Karymshakov became a full knight of the Order of Glory, one of the heroes of 2672, awarded this honor for his heroism during the Great Patriotic War. His commander Anatoly Brandys became twice Hero of the Soviet Union. Was probably worthy of this award and Abdykasym. But, maybe, felt that two of the Hero of one crew - this too, and maybe an idea for the highest award somewhere lost. For Anatoly Abdykasyma and it was not so important. They did not fight for the awards. They just fought for their country.

After the war Abdykasym returned to his village, he worked as a tractor driver. Taciturn man comes easy when invited to the school to talk about the war. But he went, knowing that a new generation is very important to instill the feelings that led him, his commander and friend Anatoly millions of other Soviet people in that terrible war against fascism.
He had lived all his life on the "edge of the world" at Lake Issyk-Kul. Lived honestly and decently.
And students who may have heard in childhood stories Abdykasyma Karymshakova, now working in Moscow for meager wages under the squeamish views of those who call them "guest workers».
It seems that in the pursuit of "European values" we have lost something far more important.
But guilt Abdykasyma Karymshakova, the real hero of the Soviet Union, it is not.




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