You died on the way home

And then you met me.
- What ... What happened? - You asked. - Where am I?
- You died, - I said, as if nothing had happened. No time zhemannichat.
- There was a ... truck and swerved ...
- Yeah, - I said.
- I ... I died?
- Yeah. But do not worry, all die - I confirmed.
You looked around. Around was a void. Just you and me.
- What is this place? - Asked you. - It is a life after death?
- More or less, - I replied.
- Are you a god?
- Yeah, - I said. - I am God.
- My wife ... and children - you muttered.
- What?
- With them everything is fine?
- I like it - I said. - You just died and so worried about his family. It's very good.
You looked at me with awe. In your eyes I did not look like God. I looked you usually men. Or maybe a woman. Somehow, powerful man with a blurred face. Rather, a primary school teacher than the Lord Almighty.
- Do not worry - I said. - They are allright. Your children will always remember you only the best. They are not saved to you disrespect. Your wife will cry, but in the soul will feel relief. Frankly, your marriage is falling apart. If it's any consolation, I can say that your wife will feel very guilty about this secret sense of relief.
- Ooh ... - I handed you. - Well, now what? You will send me to heaven or hell, or something like that?
- Neither one nor the other - I replied. - Your soul will move into another body.
- Ahh, so Hindus were right ...
- All religions are right in their own way - I said. - Come with me.
And you went with me through the void.
- Where are we going?
- Specifically - anywhere. Just nice to walk while talking.
- Then what's the point? - You asked. - When I was born again, I'll be back empty as glass? Just a child. So all my experiences and everything I have achieved in the life, it will not matter.
- Not at all! - I assured. - You have already been laid in the experience and wisdom of your past lives. You're just at the moment they do not remember.
I stopped and put his arm around your shoulders.
- Your soul is much huge, wonderful and beautiful than you can imagine. The human mind can perceive only a tiny fraction of what is actually there. It seemed to dip a finger in a glass of water to ensure that it is cold or hot. You let part of yourself in this world, and when you come out of it, the whole experience and knowledge are you.
You were a man all the previous 48 years, so you still do not feel the remainder of his immense consciousness. If we're still here like, you would gradually began to remember all that has been with you in past lives. But it makes no sense to do between lives.
- How many times I have experienced reincarnation?
- Oh, a lot. Very, very much. You have experienced many different lives, - I replied. - At this time, you will be the Chinese peasant in 540 BC.
- Wait, how so? - I choked you. - You send me back in time?
- Well, you could say that. Time in the form in which you know it, only exists in your universe. Where I come from, everything is different.
- Where are you from? .. - Surprise you.
- Well, - I said. - I, too, come from somewhere. But it is from another dimension. And there is still the same as I do. Of course, you want to know what it's like there, but honestly, you do not understand.
- Aaa - handed disappointed you. - But listen, if I transform into different people from the time, I probably ever can intersect with itself? ..
- Of course. This happens very often. Due to the fact that every life is aware of only yourself, you do not even realize that the meeting took place.
- Then what's the point of all that?
- Are you serious? - I was surprised. - You ask me, what is the meaning of life? A little cliché, do not you think?
- But this is a legitimate question - you said urgently.
I looked you in the eye.
- The meaning of life, for which I created this universe is that you developed.
- You mean mankind? Do you want to mankind evolved?
- No, just you. I created this whole universe for you. With each new life you grow and evolve, to transform into a comprehensive intelligence.
- Just me? But what about the rest?
- The rest does not exist. In this universe, no one else. There is only you and me.
You're staring at me.
- But all the people on Earth ...
- It's all you. Different transformation you.
- I ... I - ALL?
- It is - I concluded with satisfaction and patted you on the back.
- I - every person who has ever lived on Earth?
- And who will ever live, yes.
- I'm Abraham Lincoln? - Startled you.
- And you, John Wilkes Booth.
- I Hitler?
- And you're the millions of victims.
- I am Jesus?
- And you're one of his followers.
You paused.
- Every time someone inflicting pain, you hurt yourself. Every time someone doing good, you do good to yourself. Every happy and sad moment on earth was tested and will be tested only you.
You're thinking.
- Why? Finally, you asked. - What is all this?
- Because one day you will become like me. Because you and I have. You're part of me. You are my child.
- So I am God? - You asked incredulously.
- No. Not yet. Now you're just an embryo. you grow. When you live every human life on earth at all times, you will be ready to be born.
- So, the entire universe - you said in amazement - it's just ...
- Egg - I said. - And now time for you to a new life. And I sent you into the Path.


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