The retired officer Andrei Shitov homelessness

Andrei Shitov - a military officer, who gave 35 years of his service life. After returning home and leaving the reserve, he got a nasty surprise - he was left without shelter, registration and pensions. Retired Gen. Andrei Shitov forced to work gravedigger. Be sure to read on.

After 35 years of military career Andrey Shitov, "General hush-hush", as it was called loving colleagues, what was left c. From the apartment of his father he wrote home, with the well-deserved retirement had to fight for several years, and to live it is still nowhere. The former officer moonlights as a gravedigger and a watchman and I am glad the only lodging for the night - the trailer in the cemetery.
Caravan amongst tombstones
"I do not regret anything," - he says a weary veteran looking at a dull landscape of snow-covered tombstones through the trailer window. Outside the extreme cold, the wind occasionally hits the thin walls of the rectangular house. At the door skrebёtsya black cat, Andrew slowly gets up from the couch and opened the door for her, then sits back.
The room is warm and cozy, in the air of cigarette smoke clubs. In the far corner muttering TV. Whistling kettle. The guard decided to have lunch - printing instant noodles, he pours the contents of hot water.
"In fact, there is not so bad. A roof over your head is, and it is nowadays the most important thing. I've heard that some people were frozen to death during the night already. The nightmare, of course, but what to do? People are dying - and I work there, "- admits Andrew.
Distant war in Asia
Andrei Shitov was born in 1960 in Vologda, but from an early age living in Perm. After high school, the young man went to the fire department. For Honest service, he received a watch. And then - studying at the higher military command and engineering school, service in the army.

Fate decreed that during the restructuring officer brought in Tajikistan, the country, while beset by civil war. This former military conflict, averting his eyes to the side, not particularly telling. Only a few words - "fever, infection, and death '- form an idea of ​​the situation.
"While I was stationed at the prosecutor's office, and we were doing pretty unpleasant things. And before we leave the country, the State Council decided that to do with us: give a medal, cash award or even kill. There you have it! "- Laughs Maj Shitov.
Homeless in uniform
In 2003, Andrei Shitov, who returned back to his homeland, was appointed commander of the garrison of the Star, a military camp near the city of Perm. He lived for several years in the hotel. A portion was transferred to the Sverdlovsk region, and Major was sent to the reserve. In Perm, the father of Andrew suddenly wrote him out of the apartment. And the benefits of the state, he never received. Where to go combat officer?
Wandering on removable apartments, "shabashki" porter and watchman in horticultural cooperatives - barely managed to somehow scrape together a few hundred rubles on food.

A few years later Shitov had my passport, but he did not have a residence permit and money, no housing - there is no provision of pension. I had to go to the social hotel. The proximity of the disadvantaged and the homeless did not bother the ex-military - there he found new friends, who offered him a job in the funeral business.
Gravedigger and guard
As early as the fourth year of Andrew lives and works in a small van with a trailer. He has two specialties - the gravedigger and the watchman in combination. In the morning - the work on the road, in the evening - the protection of the territory, and at night - together with the team to evacuate the corpses. According Shitov, he likes here for two reasons: irregular work schedule and is "boring office».
"We receive the coffin. Load it into the car. We're going to stay with relatives, and then to the cemetery. In fact organize themselves and accompanying funeral rituals, "- says the guard, the gravedigger.

Together with the major work a few more people. They know about the past, ex-heavy military and always trying to help him. So, one of the guys ordered at Shitova to receive the pension. Renew the piles of documents, the veteran has not hoping for a miracle, I began receiving money. He says, do not believe, but life began to build.
"I would give nothing»
However, leave the funeral business, "Dad" (a nickname given him younger colleagues) is not going to. "If you will not do anything, the ferrous and be stupefied" - says Permyak.
For an apartment of his father Andrew is not going to fight, because he can not forgive him for this act. Yes and wait for a gift of property from the state - is also a thankless task. Retired, they say, still does not give. To date, the government can not provide even the actions of the military housing.
"Comradely very sorry for him and want to help. Granted, bureaucracy and callousness at us with a vengeance. Including in the military. But he and Andrew V. his carefree attitude to solving everyday problems contributed to the situation "- sums up Igor Golovkin, Head of the Perm regional military commissariat. By the way, an old friend, "hush-hush General».


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