Fly like James Bond with Jetlev-Flyer

The role of James Bond resident of Hamburg White Wunderlich has not claimed. So at least he says with confidence. Nevertheless, he has a nice smile, and to his credit some exciting scenes with his flying aircraft over the river Dahme, suitable for use in films.

1. "The 007 was my hero as a child," - says 34-year-old White.

2. Smile for the show: White Wunderlich shows Jetlev-Flyer, a new aircraft for water sports.

3. In addition, the aqueous vehicle operates differently than a jet apparatus in the Hollywood movie "Thunderball", by which the hero Sean Connery in one scene returns to its "bondmobilyu." "I raised two water column - on the principle of a fire hose," - says White, who presented Jetlev-Flyer yesterday before the castle Köpenick in Berlin.

4. According to him, it is not difficult: after a few exercises machine is easy to manage.

5. A decade of painstaking work was carried out on the machine Jetlev-Flyer. According to Alexander Tice of the company MS Watersports, one Canadian invented it, admiring the most James Bond film.

6. According to him, there were several prototypes of the device, to the serial production of the same water-jet backpack "ripe" only in November last year. His firm has invested in the machine several million euros. But as yet none of the device is sold.

7. According to Tice, sell Jetlev-Flyer, built in the town of Itzehoe near Hamburg, is not so easy, and the reason is, first of all, its price: for this small version of the device will have to pay about 100 000 euros. However, there are requests from various devices distributors wishing to incorporate this device futuristic character in its range. "Fly with the help of everyone can, it does not require muscular arms».

8. The principle of the apparatus is simple: on the auxiliary boat motor-pump power of 250 hp draws water at a rate of up to 100 liters per second, and it takes a rubber hose to the frame, fixed on the back of the pilot seat. The pilot climbs up through the creation of a water pressure of 6 bar. The more gas it gives, the higher rises, but 10 m above the water level - is the maximum length of the hose no. With the help of gestures pilot can control the water jet backpack if leans forward, the machine begins to move, accelerating to 45 km / h.

9. Alexander Tice has already done a lot of laps with this unit over the lake close to the company. "It's addictive," - says the 29-year-old Alexander, describing his feelings of flight. "First of all, it is a toy for big boys, although it has to try a lot of women." Now the company hopes to be able to create a new sport. First appearances at trade fairs in Dusseldorf and Dubai have attracted much attention. On Saturdays and Sundays the flight with the device you can admire the aquatic show-boating on the river Spree (Spree Marine Boot Show) at the Castle Köpenick (address: Grünauer Straße 1) at 12 and 15 hours.

10. The authorization to operate the device company has already received. Mr. Theis said that the Office of Waterways and Navigation admitted to operation "jet pack" with the boat for the motor-pump in the category of "sport boats».

11. Obtaining a license had to wait almost a year, "probably the department took time to classify the device." The fact that this device for entertainment will annoy residents of nearby houses, he does not think. As a representative of the company in public relations, he assured that the device creates noise no more than powerboat.




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