Fly like James Bond with Jetlev-Flyer

The role of James Bond resident of Hamburg White Wunderlich has not claimed. So at least he says with confidence. Nevertheless, he has a nice smile, and to his credit some exciting scenes with his flying aircraft over the river Dahme, suitable for use in films.

1. "The 007 was my hero as a child," - says 34-year-old White.

2. Smile for the show: White Wunderlich shows Jetlev-Flyer, a new aircraft for water sports.

3. In addition, the aqueous vehicle operates differently than a jet apparatus in the Hollywood movie "Thunderball", by which the hero Sean Connery in one scene returns to its "bondmobilyu." "I raised two water column - on the principle of a fire hose," - says White, who presented Jetlev-Flyer yesterday before the castle Köpenick in Berlin.

4. According to him, it is not difficult: after a few exercises machine is easy to manage.


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