BeeZero In Germany will test a "hydrogen" car-share

Linde Group and Hyundai will launch in Munich, the system of car-sharing (short-term rental cars), which will consist exclusively of hydrogen crossover Hyundai ix35 Fuell Cell. The start of the program, called BeeZero, scheduled for the summer.

Book one of the fifty hydrogen crossover will be using the mobile app. The rental SUV is not specified. Car sharing from Linde and Hyundai Group will work in the centre of Munich and the districts of Schwabing, Haidhausen, Au and Glockenbachviertel.

In the Linde Group noted that the reserve karteninhaber hydrogen crossover is 400 kilometres (Hyundai announced approximately 600 kilometers). Therefore, the SUV can be used not only for city travel, but for trips into the countryside.

The creators of the system also noted that refueling of vehicles will not deal with customers and company personnel.

Powerplant Hyundai ix35 Fuel Cell consists of a 136-horsepower electric motor and a set lithium-ion batteries with a capacity of 24 kilowatt-hours. The energy for these is produced in the fuel cell during the reaction between hydrogen and oxygen. The only exhaust of a car is water.published



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