Perfect reconstruction of a country house

Summer kitchen

Living in the house: family with three children
Location: Lafayette, CA
Dimensions: 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms
Designer: Laura Martin Bavard

Best of country home must be harmonious with nature, the same I could say about this house. To repair the summer kitchen was located on a couple of cement slabs, which were sprinkled over with gravel. In the yard grew a large tree, which was gradually narrowed, because the designer decided to tidy up. Instead of a tree, which gave shade, a canopy in the form of a wooden lattice. He now not only provides shade, but marked the place, where is a summer kitchen.

Dining table in the garden

In the role of a dining table stands elegant with the right proportions and curved forms, made of metal and wood table, which complement the identical design chairs. Such furniture is best suited for open areas.

Kitchen island

The summer kitchen is fully equipped, including a grill, smoker, sink and work surface made of concrete. In this part of the kitchen is hosting a spouse.

Original seat

Vintage unusual design of the seats can be folded thanks to a special connection, thereby saving point. Everything in this summer kitchen is thought over to trifles, that she not only seemed rational, but was a bit temperamental.

The kitchen in the house

Not every time you dine under the open sky. Inside the house, too, eat kitchen. Designer Quinn Morgan company Laura Bovard placed in the kitchen all the way to the family feel comfortable with. When the house three children, so always there are their friends, because everything has to be spacious and convenient for work and for a joint lunch.

Work surfaces

The new kitchen has additional work surfaces for cooking and serving food. Bar stools on one side of the working area and the extension table between the kitchen and dining area by the window give you the opportunity to host many more guests than before.


Between the dining room and kitchen was a item for the pantry. Bovard noticed that near the house to eat the garden, and, therefore, storage is simply necessary in the house. Here the hostess keeps your home conservation.

Dining zone

Dining area for convenience is separated from the kitchen. It to eat a comfortable couch on three sides. The table is hand-made to order boards from the old winery. That way the dining area is situated by the window, and above the table is a hanging chandelier, then light is not here in any time of the day. In addition, the window offers a great view.


According to Bovard, at the time of repair the owners of the house if saved or on something spent, including a chandelier from Ochre and chairs are from West Elm.

Dining room

Designer for finishing the ceiling and cabinets panels used to create mood and comfort. Next to the kitchen is the dining area for more formal occasions.
Yellow walls with white moldings were already in the house before renovation. Bovard is only slightly gave the room a modern touch using chairs in the style of the mid 20th century and modern chandelier.

Side table

The table is made to order and enlarged, because on two sides there was an additional item. The clients wanted if he could sit 10 people, however due to the size of the room to realize thirst failed. Way out of steel extra chairs that can be placed on two sides of the table. Has no sense of how much the table is the man everyone will be very convenient, as chairs are very comfortable and guests will be able to sit in them long enough.
The table in the corner serves as a buffet. Garden tools, some as decor, and an evidence of the love of the owners for gardening.

Living room

Living in the house is another interesting point, which by design different from the others. In the decoration you can see the combination of dark and light colors. Bovard wanted the living room was cozy and unusual, and it succeeded thanks to the custom ceiling and the resonance of color. One of the spouses managed to get the old carpet, but it was too small for the living room, because the designer custom made the spitting image of the pattern and color of the carpet, however the appropriate dimensions.

Living room in grey tones

So the room was interesting and comfortable, for wall decor Bovard chose the bottomless blue. For the balance of dark and light at the wall she set quiet a long sofa, custom made.

Living room

On the other side of the room located a zone for entertainment, which in color matched with a deep blue color on the opposite wall. The Windows have automatic blinds that lowered, if you want to watch TV.

French doors to the terrace

All doors in the French style, the same is lead to the terrace where the pool is located, and the initial object, which took Bovard came to the reconstruction of homes and the implementation of the project.

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