7 common mistakes in designing a country house

Neither books, nor pictures in magazines will not save you from errors in the design of the house – some can be seen only in the process of living.

If you decide to design and decorate a country house, it is likely that in the process of living here and there are manifest disadvantages. Architect Philip Kitsenko will tell you what are the most common mistakes in interior design and how to avoid them.

  1. Directions not included

In the design of a city apartment this mistake could be forgiven: after all, in most cases, Windows overlook on one side. However, in a country house it is possible to make the Windows on each of the facades, and thus pre-determine the functions of the premises. Someone more pleasant to Wake up with the dawn, others prefer the sun had appeared in the bedroom as long as possible. In the dining room with Windows on the North side can be uncomfortable, and the kitchen aimed at the South, hot.

Tip: getting started layout, bring a compass. And do not forget to specify the family members their preferences.

2. A lot of cool colors For country houses, many owners choose a muted natural palette. By themselves, grey, blue or green color for man natural and pleasing to the eye, but with the wrong light, or rooms on the North and North-West side they can play havoc and create the feeling of a cave. In the future, these rooms turn into storage rooms that you are unlikely to go.

Tip: for rooms with Windows on the North or Northwest, use warm colors in the decoration — beige, light brown, terracotta. And replace the lamp with a cool shade of light for more comfortable.

3. Is the library "on the aisle"
A common mistake new homeowners – a design library in the manner of large scientific meetings. Many people want to have their pride was visible to all the guests, so choose a location for the collection in the halls, on the walk-through areas or under stairs. However, the library in this case will be just a decoration – it is unlikely you will be able to retire here for quiet reading.

Tip: find a place for the library, for example, in the attic room. Check next to the shelves, a comfortable chair, a small table and a floor lamp with directional light –privacy guaranteed.

4. "Ringing" the floor in the hall and corridors
In a country house usually live two or more people what are the situations when one of the family members got up early or came later, cannot be avoided. If the flooring in the corridors and the entrance hall you have chosen granite or tile, prepare for restless sleep. The sounds of shoes, heels, and moving furniture will become clearer, these materials also contribute to the spread of the echo, especially in large spaces.

Tip: want to keep sleeping and not be distracted from Affairs, choose floor carpet or floorboard. In a pinch lay of the carpet.

5. Kitchen along one wall
The placement of the kitchen furniture is a chance to create the kitchen of dreams. For some reason, many go the standard way and a headset along a wall opposite the window. This arrangement reduces the amount of natural light on the working counter, makes it impossible to enjoy views of the garden, depriving the hostess of additional storage areas.

Tip: arrange the work surface or sink at the window in this arrangement usually prevents the radiator, but there are no obstacles. If space allows, and about the kitchen island do not forget.

6. The lack of rear entrance
The main entrance, the owners pay a lot of attention — after all, the person at home. But about the additional access to the back yard or in the economic zone directly many people forget.

Tip: think in advance, where it is easier to make the rear entrance from the kitchen into the garden or the summer terrace or from the hallway to the backyard.

7. Small Windows
In apartments the size of Windows is restricted to the type of home and requirements of the developer. In a country house you are your own masters. So why do so many owners of the habit of doing a small window, through which the room gets so little light?

Tip: the larger the glazing area, the cozier and freer you will feel. Though not in every room but at least the kitchen and living room provide panoramic Windows or on the floor.published

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