How to sell a dream

Nowadays, the whole world gone crazy on marketing and to me as the representative of this ancient profession, it is certainly nice. Every day there are more theories about how to sell your product or service effectively. In the modern world, a unique situation when advertising a product often has a greater value for the customer than the product itself.

This does not mean that the consumer sharply became stupid, you can not call the same stupid people paying for a ticket to the theater, because it also pays for the words, but the words that have become art. If marketing is an art, it is necessary to understand its laws.

Try to understand example of a famous company Nike, which sells sports clothing not only for athletes but also for ordinary people. The slogan of this company - "just do it", which translated into Russian, "Just do it" - three words that bring millions. Let's see why.

The fact is that most people dream to look better and like other people, it's natural, besides, look sporty now becoming more and more fashionable. But as we all know, not all people who want to look good, play sports - this is a lot of reasons, but even fewer people are willing to consciously tell yourself that will never look like the guy or girl on the cover because they just lazy and do not want to raise your fat ass off the chair right now and do a couple of exercises. There is a contradiction, an internal conflict between the value of the seat and the reluctance to change anything that this conflict creates uncertainty in their own abilities, and uncertainty, in turn, gives rise to the need to justify their inaction. That crushed his nonentity person by name, for example, Ivan, eating a sandwich with bacon rummaged on the internet and advertising Nike sees this ad and said to him, "Just do it" and shows beautiful as the ancient gods, the people who live an active and interesting life they have all dreamed about Ivan. Marketers Nike gives him the opportunity to see the world through their eyes for a few minutes to introduce ourselves one of these people. You just look like they are doing great - who's to say that this is not iskucstvo - let me throw in the stool.

These guys believe that I will do it, yes! I must do it! Only need to buy their sneakers and once in the gym! So what happened? In fact, people do not buy a specific product, believe me, it will almost certainly do not care about their clothes, he bought a dream, and became from that little bit happier for the next couple of weeks. Consumers, for the most part, wants to rest, his mind is awake and wants to see a beautiful dream, and the dream of reason, as they say, produces monsters. Well, we are with you, dear marketers, and there are those monsters that spawned our sleepy minds of customers and our main task - to create new dreams for consumers so that they slept peacefully in his sleep unknowingly ate all that crap, which we named vparivat .

Well, let's try to understand how to create such a dream.
To finally come down from heaven to earth, imagine that a certain company from the city of Saratov asked us to advertise the most banal of things - plastic window of its own production. For a start, as always and everywhere, we need to conduct a study

Consumer research

We begin to study the market, and we understand that plastic windows - a thing quite common and buy her a completely different people and organizations. Assume that the standard of research conducted, we found part of the market with the highest demand and lowest offer, and we assume that after the classic marketing manipulations, we realized that our clients - owners hruschёvok in the city of Saratov, on average, aged 30 to 45 years, most of the employees and 70 percent at 30 percent of the workers, with the average wage level of 35 to 55 thousand per family per month, the family of which 60 percent and 20 percent are divorced, and 20 are single, and of several other metrics in the same spirit which allow a rough sketch a portrait of the consumer.

Suppose that our manipulation of happened that the most suitable for us subspecies - a family owners hruschёvok an average of 35-40 years of age with a maximum of two children, with a salary of 40 thousand per family.

We have narrowed the scope of the search decently ideal customer and now comes the most important thing, without which all the previous work may be useless - the creation of advertising sleep. We need to create a "Map of Dreams", for this we will have to considerably dig up dirt and social networks :) Social Networking - a great tool for the study of two-legged, where people talk about the fact that not even tell their friends in the indecent kind.

20-30 we find families that correspond to the parameters and begin our excavations. Interestingly all: how old the children how many years married, what price range machine, whether there dacha last time relaxed, circle of friends, physical health, naked women, paunchy their husbands, and so on. We need to pull out all the social networks that they can give us, then burn everything found in the plate and find a match. Should get at least 7-8 matches, from which you can build somewhere 10-15 hypotheses about what their main dream and 10 - 15 on what they fear. Typically, one - reflection of the other, but not always. Skid these hypotheses in the table and go to the other already 20 families themselves desirable, preferably legs and ask them to assess the degree of dreams and fear on a scale of one to ten. By the way, the most interesting thing always appears during intercourse, be sure to record it and then add to the hypotheses and even if some questions are too intimate - look for workarounds to find the correct answer, in general - improvise. Drop all hypotheses that scored less than 6 balls, and we still have about 4-5 dreams and the same fears with average ball from 6 to 10.

If you do not receive any results objectively, you have to start all over again. If we all got what we now know the first part of the required information to us.

The second part deals with the inner man and the family culture, and it is important for us not less, but as a rule, the work here is very individual and requires personal interaction, we need it in order to learn to speak the language of the consumer and learn the mechanism of decision-making in such families.
So, suppose all this work done and we got the needed knowledge.
It's time to create dreams.

Creating dreams

Dreams are of two types - sweet dreams, based on dreams and nightmares, fear-based.
We have studied the mechanism of decision-making in families and clients have decided to create a dream for women because they are the catalyst for change in our case.

Suppose that a woman of 35 years, living in Khrushchev in Saratov, feels inexorably leaving nowhere time and dreamed of traveling, a certain crazy things, at the same time, she wants comfort and confidence in the future, even in her dreams are bound to have her children who are happy and they have a beautiful future, healthy parents who are not afraid of old age, and of course the eternal youth.

In fact, if you did research, you have a much more precise information about the dreams of the consumer, but I, for demonstration purposes, limited to a set of simple and too general assumptions.
Also, assume that she is afraid to grow old and become ugly, leaving her husband, diseases of children, parents' death, bankruptcy etc.

Within each ad should be a call to action. You can invoke both change their world for the better, and to protect it from anything else wrong. The main thing - do not need to lie to you, the consumer is not stupid and vryatli believe that if he buys our windows - his children will have a good future. The call should be clear from our advertising and have independent value, the product should go like additional purchase.

Try to play with the dreams and plastic windows :) I'll try for you, quickly sketch concepts 2 again for the dreams and fears for one.

Dream: Comfort and confidence in the future. H4> What comfort is associated with our customers. Well, suppose, c fire, house, warm blanket.

Son first "native windows Light" h4>
 Our heroine is somewhere where it is cold and the wind is blowing, for example, returns home in an old broken bus Saratov, dragging bags of shopping and going into your yard, sees warm light native windows. Here she is on the threshold, the door opens, and there - a holiday, happy children and a husband with gifts and flowers. It turns out that her birthday, which she had forgotten. In the end they all sleep on the couch sitting in an embrace under a warm blanket, lit the candles on the cake. We see this happy family, the camera slowly zooms out and is outside the apartment, looking at them through the window already (of course, our production company). We can see the inscription, something like "Your warm world" and the signature "windows of Saratov."

In this dream, I showed it to the client's dream, which, if I did a study, should he likes, what is more, I scored the last pinks directly pointing at it in the last sentence. In this case, the second code I tied his thoughts to the image window by our company. Customer ate our beautiful story and his critical consciousness not disobedient advertising content.

The dream of change. Dream of a second "wind of change for your window" h4>
 We will create a feeling of stuffiness in the house, such as the kitchen cooks soup, spewing clouds of steam, screaming kids, what strange guests in the apartment, something vividly discuss, on the forehead of the loudest speaker perspiration, constantly ringing phone, it is all compounded by a small entourage Khrushchev, it's dirty, the walls sovdepovskie carpets, shabby yellow wallpaper, overall real stuffy hell. The landlady, Ninny from all this, the window opens and stops in surprise, her face in the wind is blowing, hair flying and somehow heard the cries of the seagulls. Seeing her consternation, the window fit the rest of the inhabitants of the apartment and also surprised look outward. The camera pulls back and we see that Khrushchev five-storey building in which they live, standing in the middle of an incredibly beautiful tropical island. We see the message "The whole world for your window," and the signature "windows of Saratov."

Here is the same story as with the past bedtime - I'm trying to hitch our advertising message to a dream client about change.

Now try to create a nightmare, c nightmares need to be very careful, if a bit overdone - the client wakes up and then he has nothing to sell except their scalp. Do not forget every nightmare finish something positive, unless of course you are not doing hardcore social programs.

The fear of a split family. Dream of a third "Do not let the world crumble" h4>
 Frame-background, worker puts a wooden window in the apartment, opened the flap as checks.
First frame. The girl opens the window and looks alone at dawn, about something dreams.
Second frame. The guy at the window of a girl with flowers trying to throw the snowball at her window a few times gets it unexpectedly opens the window and the snow flies straight into her face, she laughs.
Third frame. Together they stand at the window and look at dawn covered with a rug.
Fourth frame. It sits near the window with a small child, waiting for him to return home from work.
Fifth frame. They swear by the window, she throws out the window some of his favorite thing.
Sixth frame. Night, he was sitting on a bench outside the house, looking at the burning window of their apartment, and then gets up and goes into the night.
Seventh frame. She sits by the window and looking in a dreary autumn day. It should be understood that the separation occurred, the window she notices advertising banner of "windows of Saratov."
Frame-loopback. Worker puts a new window, check the valve opens as.
The camera pulls out of the window and we see a guy and a girl sitting on a bench in an embrace, their child having fun running around the yard. We see the inscription - "Change begins with small" and the signature - "windows Caratova".

In this dream, I tried to convey to the client the idea that if you do not change anything right now, his family can disintegrate and again those damn trailer prisobachil Saratov window.

Here it is worth noting that such advertising works well on long distances, it is possible to not be instantaneous explosive sales, unless of course it becomes viral, but it has the property of excellent eats into the brain and when the client is ripe to buy it significantly more likely from all companies in Saratov, producing windows, choose our.

I am in no way saying that I have described - the best way to advertise anything but agree it at least interesting.

With best wishes, the project team . I>



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