Google Android creator leaves

Andy Rubin, one of the creators of the operating system Android, leaving Google. According to the информации The Wall Street Journal, he will incubator at hardware startups and, in particular, focus on the creation of robotics.

Google CEO Larry Page expressed his gratitude for the work done. "I wish Andy all the best in his new endeavors. With Android, he created something truly wonderful with a billion people are happy. Thank you "- said Paige.

For many nursing Rubin from Google was not unexpected. In March this year, he left the group to develop Android at Google. His position was taken by Sundar Pichai, who was in charge of Android, Chrome and Google Apps, and recently received more powers and became responsible for Google+, map services, web search, research, business and advertising. The last project in Google Rubin was devoted to the creation of robots in a secret laboratory Google X lab. Will Google to participate in the new endeavor Rubin - is still unknown.

Andy Rubin - one of the creators of Android Inc. The company was founded in 2003. In 2005, ie the year it was bought by Google.



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