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When buying led bulbs always raises the question of equivalent brightness. If the same Panasonic honestly writes that 6.4 W LEDs corresponds to the incandescent lamp 25W, the Chinese do not write almost never. And that's not all. Everywhere and always indicated the power of the LEDs, not power consumption.

For example, it says 3x3W 9W. Really this means only that used three LEDs at 3W. The first salesman replied, "actually the power is around 4~6w", second: "this lamp has real power 3w-3.5 W". This means that the light that says 9W (and if multiplied by a conditional 10 is 90W equivalent) in the best case would be the equivalent brightness incandescent lamp with a power of 40W, and at worst — lamp 20W.


Napravlennosti bulb is almost spherical radiation pattern, so often in the chandeliers lamp placed with the cap down. The led lamp has a much narrower radiation pattern (usually written 180 degrees), therefore if this lamp aimed at the ceiling, the room will be illuminated only from the reflected ceiling light, and if the lamp is pointing down, the ceiling will be dark. The lighting efficiency will be lower and visually, this light will be less comfortable.

Here will notice that she led lamp is very very bright and if the lamp is arranged so that the lamp is visible, when you look at it, it will dazzle. It is also very uncomfortable.

Color temperaturen differ in color temperature. Most comfortable lamp with warm white light (Warm White) and a colour temperature of 2700-3500K. Lamp natural white light (Natural white or just White) have a color temperature 3500-6500k and the light can seem harsh and uncomfortable. Lamp with cold light (Cool White) and a color temperature of 6000-7000K visually seem to be brighter, but completely unsuitable for residential use.

Quality color spectral contrast to incandescent bulbs, all led bulbs have an uneven spectrum. Some colors more, some less. Often light Chinese lamps seem greenish. Led lamps have a parameter such as the color rendering index — CRI. The greater the CRI, the better the range. It is believed that the source of domestic lighting should have a CRI of at least 80.

Light effektivnostyu parameters of the lamps indicates the brightness in lumens and efficacy (lumen output per watt). If these parameters are fair, it is possible to judge the real power of the lamp. So for the lamp from the picture above specified level of light output 500 lm efficacy 80 lm/w. Dividing the first number by the second to obtain a power of 6.25 W.

The ability to control acostumbro driver led lamps can control the lamp brightness by using the dimmer (dimmer), but there are lamps with driver support brightness control. Such lamps in the title must have the word "dimmable" and they cost a dollar more expensive than usual. The brightness is adjustable as incandescent bulbs are not from zero but from a certain level, usually this level is about 30% brightness.published


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