What can we learn from mom?

Mum learns to respect the work of others:
"If pereubivat met each other, go out, I washed the floor».

Mum learns to believe in God:
"Pray that this stuff to wash».

Mum learns to think logically:
"Because I said so, that's why».

Mum learns think about the consequences:
"Fell out of the window, the store will not take with him».

Mom teaches cause and effect relationship:
"If you do not stop bawling, I'll spank».

Mom teaches resistance:
"Do not go out from the table until doesh».

Mom teaches us not to be jealous:
"Yes, in the world, millions of children who are not so lucky with his parents, how do you».

Mom teaches boldly look into the future:
"Oh, wait a minute, at home I talk to you».

Mum learns the basics of self:
"If you do not stop mowing eyes - for life remain so».

Mom teaches extrasensory:
"Put on a sweater - I know that you are cold!».

Mom teaches you how to become an adult:
"If you do not eat vegetables - never grow up».

Mom teaches the basics of genetics:
"That you all from my father!»

Mum learns the impossible:
"Shut your mouth and eat the soup!»

Mom teaches supreme justice:
"May your children were the same as you!"


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