Secrets of the education of children from stellar parents.

Very often the problem of education of children raised stellar parents who, at first, afraid to spoil kids because of excessive financial capacity, and secondly, are concerned: there is enough time paying the kids because of the busy schedule. Therefore, many of them follow strict guidelines in the education of children, fond of the famous systems or create their own techniques.

Excessive strictness

That is what has counted singer Madonna. Principles of education for many children the stars seemed to be simply impossible (especially given its turbulent past!), But her family are all accustomed to the established rules:
• no fast food,
• a minimum of sweets,
• regular schools and inexpensive clothes,
• in-depth study of foreign languages,
• a ban on television, newspapers and magazines,
• taboo spirits, cigarettes, drugs and parties up to 18 years.
However, Madonna gives children relief at other times she tries not to punish them. The star is convinced that it is better to encourage the implementation of the rules and good behavior than to punish mistakes and questionable actions.

Patience and a little effort

Occupational therapy is the foundation of all foundations and the family Beckham. Three boys star couple know:
• who unmade your bed, do not put it in the room and folded the dirty dishes in the dishwasher - remain without spending money for the week.
• Control and watching television.
• Victoria personally check homework and watch the guys he puts them to sleep.
• but on the strict punishment of the question. The house has a special "chair" - by offending it will sit and think about his evil deeds to the full realization of guilt. Victoria says that it works.
• In addition, the star mother actively engages children to work: they are happy to help her in the fashion business.
Thus, the family manages to hold together the maximum amount of time. This also explains Beckham and his love of taking children to social events.

Permissiveness or space for creativity?

However, there are stars that spoil their children unrestrained. First place in this category with parents Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. Their daughter Suri a very young age do not know anything of failure. This also applies to material desires, and simple children's pranks:
• she goes to bed whenever he wants,
• eats only what he loves,
• girl wearing only your favorite clothes,
• it is satisfied that all its whims to be fulfilled immediately.
As a result, Suri is the title - the most capricious and unbearable child of Hollywood. Not the best example, is not it?

Everyone has the right to liberty and error

Both parents and children to err, - considers and Angelina Jolie. So do not blame the child for a wrong act or to punish small mistake. I am doing something wrong - not a shame, not only for children but also for adults.
In addition, Jolie and Pitt are respected selection of children's food, clothing and hobbies. However, some points they still regulate - for example, the Internet children may not spend more than 1 hour per day.
Another rule star couple Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt in the upbringing of children - this unity. All items for children are set by both parents, and the decisions are made jointly.

Parents - the best example

Children are very fond of repeating. Do you want to teach them good? Themselves do the right thing. This method should be the model Heidi Klum. She eats right, observes the day for sports. And the kids do not mind repeating the starry mother. All of them are enrolled in a private school with strict rules. So flaunt branded clothes there can not be - all students attend the same form. This is a definite plus - says supermodel. In addition, all children are engaged in several sections according to their interests.


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