What does unwillingness to have pets say about a person, according to a practicing psychologist?

Man and pets are the most loyal friends. This friendship has passed through the centuries, for a long time we helped each other out. And even now there are those who cannot live a day without their beloved pet.

© Depositphotos People and pets However, not everyone is given this feeling. Some people are somehow indifferent to pets. They approach this from the practical side: as if it is inconvenient to live with pets. Or do they just not have such deep feelings for cute four-legged friends? Everything here is ambiguous, and it is also impossible to say that this is good or bad. In this article we will talk about the opinion of a practicing psychologist on this interesting topic.

© Depositphotos “Some kind of four-legged animal has always lived in our apartment. And dogs, and cats, and even hedgehogs and hamsters. A whole zoo, not an apartment. But we really liked it. Once a story happened to a hamster. After escaping from his bank, he ran out onto the landing. We still do not know how he managed to fall through the hole between the ventilation pipes. All the neighbors then came running to his plaintive squeak, ”says the psychologist.

© Depositphotos In such situations, a person comes to the rescue. Only the most callous people can remain indifferent. The entire entrance then came to the little hamster for help. After all, he is small, alive, real and he needs to be saved. In addition, we are responsible for those whom we have tamed - pets are almost like children to us. And, as you know, all parents want their children to always be fine.

© Depositphotos In truth, there are many problems with pets. These are the costs of food, constant walking, toys, treatment, as well as a certain danger. After all, he is a beast - the wallpaper can scratch or bite someone at home or neighbors. But still, this does not stop many from making four-legged friends. And all because there are more advantages and benefits to it.

Why you should have pets Children in families with pets grow mentally and physically healthier. Having a pet helps to develop empathy, responsibility, and self-confidence in a child. Also, children can find their most loyal friends in their pets. In addition, keeping tetrapods is a kind of vaccination against various bacteria and viruses. And this, by the way, has long been proven by science.

© Depositphotos Families have the strongest relationships with animals. Home pussies seem to unite the rest of the family around themselves. In addition, both cats and dogs magically take away the stress of their owners. One has only to pick up the pet, pet it a little or look deeply into the eyes. In addition, thanks to pets, the health of the elderly is improved. Take, for example, the fact that having a beloved pet, you will go out more often. And this is always useful, especially with physical inactivity and insufficient physical activity.

© Depositphotos The presence of pets saves you from depression. Most likely, this was the case even when people did not know this sad word. After all, a warm living lump on your knees cannot but rejoice. Pets calm, give love and warmth. By the way, only dogs know how to love unselfishly. For them, the master is everything. Such is pure, true love.

© Depositphotos Most likely people who don't want to have pets just haven't tried it. When you find out what a joy it is to make friends with a four-legged friend, you can no longer imagine your life without him. However, you need to remember about responsibility. If you are not ready for this yet, do not worry. The time will come, and perhaps you also want to shelter someone in your home.


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