Barnyard: game in a bottle of Nishi Chauhan

Old glass bottles is one of the most "positive" types of household waste. First, they can be used in the second, third and so on times. And, secondly, it is possible to do works of art, such as, for example, as a series of small sculptures Animal Farm from Indian artist Niche Chauhan (Nishi Chauhan).

Used bottles often become material for the creation of works by contemporary artists. Someone makes them large-scale installations, some unusual paintings, and the Niches Chauhan from India makes this kind of garbage in a small but original sculptures.

The idea of a series of sculptures Animal Farm came from Niche Naujan in that moment, when she drew attention to the fact that some people in poor areas of Indian cities using old bottles is very unusual — they turn them into toys for children or home decoration. Should I just add these items in small additions, and the bottle turns into a animal, a boat or a human figure.

The very same Niche Chauhan decided to approach this type of creative work much more systematically and creatively. Instead of individual toys and trinkets she has created a series of sculptures, which are simultaneously and table lamps.

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