9 reasons why the world will not End

The widely publicized date of December 21, 2012 is getting closer, and all the media comes in hysteria – whether or not a "doomsday"? Of course, it is not – and then, after a sigh of relief, people don't want to hear about the real problems of a global scale that really threaten the existence of mankind. So pumped hysteria will subside, yielding place to the carelessness and indifference. But, whatever it was, December 21 will not happen anything unusual. Here are 9 arguments in favor of this statement.


1. And what exactly will happen on December 21? To this question fans of a coming Apocalypse can not reply unanimously. What danger will threaten the planet and humanity? Whether it's the approach of the heavenly bodies and cosmic catastrophe or a series of superstorms, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions? Single point of view no, and the Mayan prophecy exceptionally vague, leaving plenty of scope for a sick imagination and speculation.

2. NASA astronomer David Morrison in his videovystuplenie considered and denied five possible scenarios of global catastrophes, including the fall of the meteorite, flare or shift of the Earth's poles (either magnetic or geographical). If You think that NASA is a biased source, then there is reason to listen to thousands of Amateur astronomers, which of course would be happy to be the first to discover near-Earth object. But alas... nothing.

3. A major role in fomenting hysteria "20.12.2012" played the popular media and cinema. And it was quite commercially successful, the audience for the adrenaline rush were willing to pay again and again. At the same time, it is not suppressed by governments because of false hysteria being diverted from the real political, economic, and environmental threats.

4. By themselves, the Maya were unable to produce anything outstanding in their civilization. They couldn't even invent the wheel. They believed that the world was a dream of the gods, human sacrifices and created an extremely oppressive social system. Why do you believe the fantasies of this backward people?


5. But even if you believe the ancient Maya, again all is not as it seems. Indeed, soon ends another cycle of the Mayan calendar. But the end of the calendar cycle doesn't mean the end of the world. Just then a new cycle begins. This was stated by the expert on the Mayan culture and ancient astronomy Anthony Evony from Colgate University.

6. Elite Mayans were smart enough to keep the dark mass in obedience to the threat of the end of the world. They advocated that by the end of the calendar cycle of the Great Serpent can absorb the sun and need a lot of victims to prevent it. Sacrifices were offered – the sun remained in the sky — the authority of the elders was strengthened, and the masses became more and more enslaved.

7. Remember that fanned the hysteria most of all those who benefits from it. For example, in China the scammers urged wealthy pensioners to spend all his savings on the last act of charity. Many also prey on the fact to sell "survival kits".


8. As mentioned in the beginning of this article, the people dissatisfied with the order of things in the world, looking forward to the end of it, sitting idly by. When they learn about the many signs of increasing control over the individual, the onset of totalitarianism and other terrible symptoms of the onset of a New World Order – they are not trying to fight or adapt to them, and I hope that the End of the world will bury it all. The world doesn't end, but because of human indifference past under the guise of change for the worse will remain.

9. Among those waiting will soon end of the world there are many Christians. But the Bible says that before the End of Times will occur the Second Coming of Christ but about that day or hour, not know neither the people nor the angels. Moreover, not might know about it and the ancient pagan Mayan.

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