Interesting facts about the show "Breaking Bad» (Breaking Bad)

Certainly, many of you watch this show. If not, we highly recommend it for viewing. To motivate those who have not seen and easily share with those who watch the show, we have collected a few interesting facts.

The film tells the story of a school chemistry teacher Walter White, who was found cancer. To provide for his family after his death, Mr. White decides to start production of methamphetamine with his former student Jesse. But let's move on to the facts.

Directed by Vince Gilligan series (Vince Gilligan) initially, before casting seen starring Bryan Cranston (Bryan Cranston), with whom he worked more in the "X-Files».

Hero Brian, for street fights chose a nickname Heisenberg, after the German physicist Werner Heisenberg, the Nobel laureate and one of the founders of quantum mechanics.

From 2008 to 2010-th years, the show has won six awards "Emmy" and Bryan Cranston three consecutive years been named the best actor in a drama series. His "partner" Aaron Paul (Jesse) won supporting actress in 2010.

Stephen King called the series the best scenario in the history of TV.

Shooting the series really are in Albuquerque and surrounding areas, New Mexico. Although the pilot series was filmed in Riverside, California.

The family has a tradition of Walter White. On each of his birthday, his wife Skyler prepares breakfast with scrambled eggs, bacon which is laid age Walt.

Original titles of the series remember all using elements of the periodic table in the name and behalf of the participants.

In the credits appears C10H15N formula with a molecular weight of 149, 24. This is the real formula of methamphetamine.

It was originally planned that Jesse Pinkmen dies at the end of the first season.

Directed by Vince Gilligan often "mentioned" his girlfriend Lucy Holly Hartwell Rice, still in the "X-Files". In the series "Breaking Bad", the full name of the protagonist sounds like Walter Hartwell, and his little daughter - Holly.

At the beginning of the second season of Walter counts how much money he needed for the normal life of the family after his death - $ 737 000. At the end of the season crashed Boeing - 737, and the names of the last four episodes constitute an anagram of "737 crashed over Albuquerque».

The car in which Mr. White goes over four seasons (Pontiac Aztek 2003) was voted the ugliest car magazine «Time». The new color of the car chosen by the director.

Jesse car, a red Toyota Tercel 4WD, was in the house Gus Frings in a miniature version.

Walt's wife, Skyler, not really right when he says that he can not testify against a spouse.

The tenth episode of the third season, titled «Fly», is a series in which was occupied by the smallest number of actors. Only periodically but Walt and Jesse in the frame appears laundry workers.

The apartment, which temporarily lives Walter White in the fourth season, Vince Gilligan actually belongs.

The place where the headquarters of the lawyer Saul, after filming the 9th episode of Season 4 of the series was demolished. Therefore, the lawyer's office in the future, is shown only from the inside.

Mr. White likes green, clothing for all seasons almost any detail of this color, scarcely not in every episode.

A similar situation with Jesse Pinkmenom and red.

Actor Erjen Mitte, who played Walter Jr., in real life, suffers from cerebral palsy.

Instead of methamphetamine, the characters of the series sniffing and smoking sugar :)

Betsy Brandt, who plays the role of Skyler's sister, Marie, really was pregnant during the filming of the second season. It was her stomach removed, instead Skyler abdomen during pregnancy last, according to the plot.

Exactly ten actors involved in the series, previously starred in the projects Gilligan.

Now, about these facts we have in store for you. Very soon expect a new batch. And do not forget to express their wishes on the subject of facts that would like to know.


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