Living room in apartment: designer tricks

Features of Khrushchev is the presence of the combined rooms with small area and low ceilings. For furnish of premises in apartment should use certain design techniques to visually expanding a small space.

The decoration of the ceilingsince the ceilings in the kitchen are quite low, bulky chandelier in the middle of the ceiling is able to visually reduce the already small space. The best option is the ceiling placed on the perimeter of the spotlights. It may seem that such a design will significantly reduce the already low ceiling height, but if you make a ceiling high gloss, in combination with diffused light, the room is not only visually expands, but will look stylish and modern.

Suspended ceiling construction will also help to solve such a problem as low soundproofing, which is the characteristic features of Khrushchev. Glossy ceilings will reflect light and visually raise the ceiling, creating the illusion of spaciousness. Examples of successful finishing of the ceiling of the hall Khrushchev you can see in the photo.

Photo: spotlights on the perimeter of the room and the suspended ceiling will create the illusion of expanding space


The design of the hall passinga crucial decision on the design of the hall is the removal of walls between the hallway and the kitchen. These drastic changes help to fully reshape the space and create a unique interior of the hall in the Khrushchev. It should be noted that such a radical solution may not please the members of your family, especially if hall performs the function of the bedroom as not very nice to sleep in the kitchen. A less radical method would be to split the room into zones by fabric partitions or lightweight decorative designs. Good examples of the separation space in a small apartment you can see in the photo.

Photo: zoning small hall in the Khrushchev


Tip: to transform space, ideal fabric walls, because not only do they allow you to separate the sleeping area from the guest area and if necessary easy to remove but also are the least expensive method of zoning rooms.

How to maximize space in a small apartment?To correctly model the space of the room will help the following design decisions:

  • wall decoration with Wallpaper coated with a vertical pattern;
  • furniture on high legs, low chairs, tables and coffee tables, decorated with mirror elements or having glass surfaces (countertops, shelves);
  • the abundance of mirrors in the interior;
  • same color design of the walls and ceiling of a room in the building;
  • sliding door;
  • the use of the design rooms cool colors and shades.
If to speak about increase of space with reflective surfaces, it is not necessary to mount on the wall in the usual mirror. Finish of the mirrors may have furniture, mirror elements, framing window and door openings, mirrored lamps. The interior, replete with mirrors, looks original and futuristic. Examples of interior decoration of the hall with mirrors you can see in the photo.



The style of the interior rooms in the building should be concise and as simple as possible. For small spaces, unacceptable design, abundance of large number of colorful details and bright color accents.

To make room it is better to choose minimalist design, Scandinavian or Japanese style. Looks original interior in country style or high-tech.

The design of window and door openings areCorrect window treatments and doors will help to reflect the thematic focus of the interior and visually expand its dimensions. For small rooms you need to choose the sleek design of the curtains, they should not be too bulky, that is, made of thick dark cloth. It is best to prefer light fabrics and bright shades.

As for the doors, in small rooms, they eat up a lot of space. To expand a room with a sliding designs or arched openings.

In General living in the apartment can be issued in any style, most importantly to implement the proper finishing of the main surfaces and compose with each other elements of the interior. published


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