How perfectly to decorate the living room in brown tones

Brown – perhaps the most noble and at the same time, a win-win choice for interior living room. He is very friendly to the combinations, therefore, be it brown-turquoise or brown-yellow living room, cozy in her will to everyone.

What do you associate with this color? First of all, it all kinds of sweets. What a sweet tooth you refuse, say, chocolate Wallpaper in your living room? Or the same sofa, sitting where you can drink hot chocolate, eating candy? For sure this color will suit the taste and non-tooth, because he's very calm and yet expressive.

Multi-level ceiling with spot lighting in the interior living room brown tones

 How to combine colors?

Brown has a rich spectrum, thanks to one of his mind you can pick up your most successful combination (option combinations suitable for Wallpaper). Here are his basic colors:

  • Chocolate, aka coffee, can help to create an interesting contrasting design in the living room. For this couple it is necessary to select a very bright or very saturated colors. Will approach pure white, milk, orange or turquoise. Thanks to such a vivid neighbourhood design will work dynamic and alive.
  • Coffee with milk, cocoa, in General, bleached shades of brown, will be able to create a good composition in the design room, is to join them bright colors. The same white or pink, even in the form of one strip of Wallpaper, will create a gentle romantic atmosphere. Yellow or red will add to the interior notes of insolence.
  • The color of wood – walnut, oak, alder... the List is endless. Brown "wooden" would go well with the same calm and cozy tones, like himself. Perfect and completely organic will be the interior of the living room designed in brown-green color. The secret is that it copies nature itself – an oak forest with succulent leaves or clay road in a field after a rain.

Tip: brown color will be winning precisely when it will be correctly matched contrasting colors. Then they will fully reveal its beauty. For example, the most common is the brown-white design that is used in any interior.

The combination of green and brown will give your living room a natural atmosphere


The main combinations to keep balance and not to go beyond. I mean – not to allow brown to take over all the surfaces in the room (Wallpaper, carpet, flooring, ceiling, furniture, doors). Improperly matched pairs will make a brown velvet, chocolate, and dark color of mud. To avoid this from happening, gloomy with mind shades of brown can and should be supplemented by a more cheerful tones of purple, emerald, beige.


How not to be mistaken with furniture?

The main pieces of furniture in the living room – sofa and table – does not necessarily have to be chocolate. So the design may seem boring. It will be enough of Wallpaper, carpet or wood flooring.

Furniture can be free from the brown cloth, so the interior will benefit. Unexpected, but very successful notes in such a design, it will become Canary either a sofa or armchairs, complemented by the same curtains. Or orange pad. Or refined white table for tea ceremonies.

If brown furniture in the living room is inevitable, you can resort to tricks, making the interior is balanced in relation to color.

As accents?

The answer is simple – you need to apply "targeted tactics". A bright dot there, a bright dot is here and now, living in brown tones, is bright, interesting and not boring. This is clearly seen in the photo.

This can help turquoise cushions and a blanket, nestled on a chocolate sofa. Or white candlesticks and the white paper located on the open shelves dark Cabinet. And the brown legs of chairs enliven the bright upholstery.

A great accent can also be a simple Mat, located in the recreation area. Typically, the flooring in the living room using a tree, consequently, the floor is brown. It is possible to dump the Mat milky, orange, or vibrant green.

The option "point color tactics"


As accents on the walls serve as frames for pictures, sconces, shelves, niches, painted red or covered with bright Wallpaper. By the way, about them. If the walls in the living room fully covered with brown Wallpaper, then they will look great curtains of lightweight materials in pastel shades. Also in the living room design you can use textiles with a contrasting pattern, say, brown and beige.

Brown soothes and coats the chocolate warm. And if you know how to combine it with other tones, the living room in earth tones is a comfortable area in which you want to visit as often as possible, expecting from him only positive emotions.published


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