What attracts men to women the most

Having studied the results of various studies in the field of relations between the sexes, scientists have figured out what behaviors and external features of the fairer sex seem men most desirable:


1. Moderate neuroticism


Women more often than men tend to be manifestations of emotional instability and anxiety.

Studies have shown that women with high levels of neuroticism are less satisfied with their relationships.

However, some scientists have suggested that moderately troubled women can attract men, because they treat a woman like a good mother, caring about the welfare of their children.

2. Red adidase we know that the color red is traditionally associated with passion, sensuality and romance. Researchers Andrew Elliot and Daniela Niesta think that red color really makes men feel more attracted to a woman.

The reaction of the men in red, most likely has deep biological roots. For example, primates to attract individuals of the opposite sex use the color red as a marker, calling for a mate.

3. The ratio of waist and bettersometimes magic number of 0.7 – the coefficient of the ideal ratio of waist and hips in women. It is believed that such women are most attracted to European men. Of 0.7 means that a woman's waist circumference is 70% of the circumference of the hips.

In other cultures this ratio can vary from 0.6 to 0.8 depending on the preferences of men of these cultures.

From an evolutionary point of view, the index less than 0.6 indicates the inability of child-bearing, and an index of more than 0.8 indicates the difficulties conceiving caused by excessive weight.

4. Big eyes and proportional rubilsya eyes are considered attractive almost all nationalities. And the reason lies in the fact that while this trait can serve as an indicator of femininity, it is also associated with long-term health and reproductive function.

If you believe the studies of physical attractiveness by Michael Cunningham, the men find the perfect a woman's mouth which is at the mouth for 50% of the width of the face.

5. Beautiful in 2010, psychologists Jaime Conf, caryn Parilux and David Boss on the basis of their experiments came to the conclusion that men are in search of a partner for short-term relationships more attention to a beautiful body, not the face.

The basic idea is that when cavemen were pursuing a short term mating strategy, tips body, such as whether a potential sexual partner to conceive or are already pregnant, be informed man, whether justified his efforts (from a genetic point of view).

In other words, for the modern man looking for one-night stands, elegant body was paramount.

6. The docility and ability of soperezhivat the course of his studies Daniel nettle from Newcastle University in the UK found that in the questionnaire differences of the personality types that women appreciate the sympathy much higher scale of measurement than men.

Moreover, the researcher suggested that empathy can be considered a form of acquiescence.

When building theories about the origins of the gender differences Nettl conjectured that for our ancestors the ability to create and maintain social alliances were probably relatively more important for women than for men, because women care more about the survival of their offspring.

In the modern world this means that men can take extraverted, flexible and able to empathize with women more attractive than those who have these traits are manifested to a lesser degree.

7. Ovulations array of scientific studies proving the ability of people unconsciously recognize a wide range of chemicals produced by the body (not just pheromones) that signal the reproductive status of a potential partner. Scientists, psychologists Saul Miller and Jon Maner conducted an experiment, which invited men and gave them a sniff of three t-shirts which were worn by ladies in different periods of the menstrual cycle.

As it turned out, the level of testosterone in the saliva rose those men who smelled t-shirts of women during ovulation. This meant the strong half of humanity prefers the smell of women during ovulation and will struggle more to get closer to a woman he "heard" the signal.

By the way, further study by the same group of men and women gave another interesting result: men who are in relationships, unlike men-singles found girls during ovulation and less attractive in appearance, thereby emphasizing that other variables, such as the desire to maintain the current relationship, can influence the desires and behaviors.

8. The ability to samopozhertvovanie a study published in 2007 by Vladas Griskevicius and his colleagues from Arizona state University says that the romantically minded women more often than men tend to do volunteer work and charity.

However, the catch lies in the fact that women prefer to show their dedication in public places, which may be attributed to unconscious sexual motivation and confidence that a man will attract this trait.

9. Respect for mujchinoy of the major complaints that men have expressed in a long term relationship is that they often hear the criticism, as though nothing that they do can not satisfy their partner.

In other words, they feel unappreciated, that has (and this is not surprising) unfortunate consequences for the sexual life and partner relationship as a whole.

An expert in the field of family relationships John Gottman stated that partners who regularly show appreciation and appreciate each other, have higher rates of overall satisfaction with their relationship.

10. Lezonly man aimed to do, it focuses on the female face.

Researchers from the University of Texas at Austin estimate that 75% of men based on the long-term strategy pairing key role is played by the attractiveness of the person, not the body.

And researchers at the Kinsey Institute came to the conclusion that during sex, men tend to first look at the face of the partner.

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