7 myths about the differences between men and women

Everyone knows that men and women are different. We think and act differently, because it was created by nature. Take a look at least at the structure of our brain and sexual organs - they are radically different from each other. But not all so simple. Much of what we consider biological differences really are not.

1. The genitals of men and women absolutely raznyeMnogie people believe that male and female sexual organs - two complete opposites: men - penis, women - the vagina. But even this fundamental opposition is not quite true.

Genitals appear from one cluster of embryonic tissue. The first 6 weeks of life in the womb, these tissues are developing exactly the same. Approximately 6-7 weeks, depending on the number of chromosomes tissue begin to differ. One part of the tissue begins to form the clitoris or penis, and another - the labia or scrotum. The third part is converted into the testes or ovaries.

Thus, we can say that physiologically male and female genitalia made of the same "test" and work in a similar way.

2. The brain of men and women razlichaetsyaEsli we had deep-seated differences in the behavior and biology, they have reflected on the brain. Genitals out of the same fabric, but in the end look different, can not be said about the brain.

Our brains are more or less identical. In men, the brain a little more than women, and women's brain stops growing sooner than men. However, for a healthy brain, size does not matter. There are small differences in a small part of the brain called the straight gyrus, but we need more information on what it means. Apart from these minor issues do not exist persistent differences between the male and female brain. So, how we use it - is another matter.

3. We have different gormonyMnogie believe that men and women have different hormones: testosterone in men, estrogen in women. In fact, the hormones in both men and women equally, and there is no male or female hormones.

Both men and women get the influx of testosterone when entering a fight or engage in exciting sports game. And men and women burst of oxytocin and prolactin occurs when they take the hand of a newborn baby. The difference is in the level and impact of these hormones on the body of men and women, but individual differences sometimes play an even greater role than differences between the sexes.

4. Men are more aggressive than zhenschinyVse depends on what we consider aggression. Men and women do not differ in the expression of anger and general aggression, but men are more likely to use physical aggression.

Both sexes are more or less similar in terms of aggression to each other, just men are usually larger and stronger. Men are not naturally more aggressive than women, but more efficient use of physical aggression.

5. Women are by nature good parents, and men netV Unlike men, women give birth and breastfeed. However, the representatives of the so-called strong and weak polaodinakovaya hormonal reaction to babies. Kids look helpless and needy, and we know that the child needs to grow and nurture.

The human body and mind are capable of parenting regardless of sex, and our success as a species, is caused by the fact that men and women have helped to grow the next generation. Because the floor does not mean that someone will automatically become a good parent.

6. Men want sex more than than zhenschinamEto the conclusion to which comes the majority of people. However, when the researchers decided to find out what's really going on, they found that both men and zhenschinodinakovoe number of sex throughout life.

But there are differences in sexual interest. For example, married women declare lower interest in sex with their husbands over time, and the young men masturbate more frequently and are interested in the visual pornography. But whether it is a biological difference?

Of course, much remains to be learned about sexuality, however, as in other cases, the differences are greater between individuals, rather than gender.

7. Women are more necessary relationship than muzhchinamOrganizm both sexes are equally responsible to create a couple, affection and desire. But polls show that men want more partners during their lifetime than women. However, if we look not at the average responses of men and women, and the median value, or the median (average of the actual number of responses), and men and women are very similar. Just say the men of a very large number, compared to women, and therefore more than the average number of turns.

In fact, both sexes want to be with each other in various sexual and emotional relationship. Again, the individual differences are significant sex.

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