Floating point clear before my eyes - a shadow of the fibers of the vitreous

cavity of the eye between the retina and the lens is filled with a jelly-like substance - so-called vitreous. 99% of it consists of water and 1% - of collagen. With age, the vitreous liquefies, resulting in formation of two components: a liquid and fiber.

The fibers begin to flake off and float inside the eyeball, and the person has the illusion that some smaller objects slide right before his eyes. This destruction is called vitreous.

In reality, what we call points, flies, spider webs or veil - a mere shadow, which is separated fiber cast on the retina.

Nearsighted people often see "flies." This is because the shape of the eyeball from the myopic person more elongated, so the vitreous body is stretched longer than normal vision or farsightedness.

Serious risk to the health of floating point, in most cases, do not represent. However, if all of a sudden they became very much or they are accompanied by something like flashes of light, then still have to visit the doctor.

If the reason for a break of the retina, the issue can be resolved by using a laser or cryotherapy, and if the retina begins to flake off, it can not do without surgery.

However, for most people floating point - it's just an irritant. In very rare cases, ophthalmologists have resorted to operations to remove the vitreous. But most of the fibers are deposited floating point disappear without a trace and will not cause any inconvenience.

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