Myths and facts about human shadow (10 photos)

The human shadow was always associated with something mystical, people believed that it was a double man, his alter ego and even the reflection of the soul.
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It has long been the Slavs were a shadow to individual mythical character, which can be separated from the person and cause him harm. Shadow is the inextricable link with its owner. If an aggressive person come to a shadow of its enemy and utter incantations, the shadow can kill a person.

The Poles, for example, a shadow appears in the guise of a mythical creature Mora. In Slavic mythology, the shadow appears in the guise of a vampire. It was also believed that the shadow is the spirit of a deceased person.

Bulgarian legends say that the devil is a ten-, which was created by God out of his shadow. It is believed that if you put a physical blow to the body of the sorcerer or witch, they will not feel any pain, but if we hit an aspen stake or a log of their shadows, we can deny them the gift of a witch.

Serbian mythology too rich dowry of the shadows. Serbian legend says that the shadow can be separated from the human body and to get into his head, than a cause, later, clouding his mind. Serbian children is strictly forbidden to play with shadow and jump over it.


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