Myths and facts about human shadow (10 photos)

The human shadow was always associated with something mystical, people believed that it was a double man, his alter ego and even the reflection of the soul.
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It has long been the Slavs were a shadow to individual mythical character, which can be separated from the person and cause him harm. Shadow is the inextricable link with its owner. If an aggressive person come to a shadow of its enemy and utter incantations, the shadow can kill a person.

The Poles, for example, a shadow appears in the guise of a mythical creature Mora. In Slavic mythology, the shadow appears in the guise of a vampire. It was also believed that the shadow is the spirit of a deceased person.

Bulgarian legends say that the devil is a ten-, which was created by God out of his shadow. It is believed that if you put a physical blow to the body of the sorcerer or witch, they will not feel any pain, but if we hit an aspen stake or a log of their shadows, we can deny them the gift of a witch.

Serbian mythology too rich dowry of the shadows. Serbian legend says that the shadow can be separated from the human body and to get into his head, than a cause, later, clouding his mind. Serbian children is strictly forbidden to play with shadow and jump over it.

In the Irish series too entrenched superstitions associated with shadow. It was believed that if you step on someone's shadow, it is possible to bring this man a huge disaster. Stories are cases when the children complained of feeling unwell and weak, when someone stepped on their shadow.

Returning to the Slavic mythology, one can find many references to the fact that the shadow, shortly before the death of a person leaves it. If the shadow of the enemy penetrates something sharp, he soon left the world of the living. If a person was killed in a similar way, his shadow was forced to wander the earth forever in search of peace.

As predicted by the shadow of the future (the most auspicious time for this - Christmas Eve), Ghada went outside and looked at the shadows sitting at the banquet table. If by some guests had no shade or shadow was headless, it was thought that the life of this man soon will be death.

Belarusians still believe that if a person is very ill, you should measure its shadow (the wall), then cut around it with chalk or shot up pins on the circuit. Thus, we can "pull out" of human disease, the evil eye or damage. Following the action it is necessary to burn the measuring thread, pins placed under the threshold of the house, and seek shade carry disease patient.

In the North, while laying the foundation for the new home owner does not have to be in the sun. If a shadow falls on the foundation of the house, then it will not be difficult, as a victim, pick up the soul of this man. If the owner was not attentive and made such a mistake, he fell ill and died after 40 days. His soul remained the patron of the house forever.

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